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Winkbeds belong to the luxury mattress category even though it comes at a cheaper price. This mattress offers high-end features and a wide array of benefits. WinkBed is made in the USA and comes with high quality.

Sleep now for a better health, else it would be too late for you to act. Why sit awake and turn your sides with sleeping disturbances when Winkbeds are here. Winkbeds is the creating a revolution in the matter industry with its high-end design and pocket-friendly prices. Moreover, the feedbacks are stunningly great, that every single customer vouches that they get proper sleep and nothing fancy after using this mattress.

If you are tired of using no-deal, expensive mattresses that offer least support and comfort then check out this article about Winkbeds.

Before getting into the mattress details, I guess should be aware of the relation between sleep and anxiety.
A normal human being should at least get 8 hours of quality sleep lead a healthy life. Lack of sleep affects physical as well as mental health. It directly has an impact on your life, stamina, emotions and family life. Mostly people fail to realize that lack of sleep is the main culprit behind lower levels of energy. When lack of sleep occurs for a longer time then you will start feeling less enthusiastic, more irritable and start showing symptoms of depression. Is also creates mood swings and affect your personal relationships. Even small disturbances during sleep can take away your happiness. Therefore, it is very important to have a great sleep for a better health.

Most of the think that there is no relationship between sleep and anxiety disorders, however, researchers and doctors claim the other way round. People with sleep disturbances or Insomnia have greater chances of having depression and anxiety. People who sleep normally are likely to have any depression or anxiety disorder. On the other hand, a person who experiences with insomnia will wake up frequently at night leading to poor sleep and higher chances of developing anxiety disorders. When a person experiences lack of sleep or when a sleep is disrupted over and over for a longer time then it can cause a serious impact on the brain activity.

The neurochemical balance will be altered leading to bad moods and negative thoughts. There are many reasons why a person experiences lack of sleep for insomnia problems. Certain health conditions, lifestyle, personal relationships, and even a poor mattress can lead to lack of sleep. If you are a person who does not have any other major issues in your life but still having lack of sleep then you should seriously consider changing your mattress. Altered sleep can lead to mental health issues, therefore, rectifying the mistake as early as possible it the best way to keep up good health.

How does a mattress affect sleep patterns?

Mattress plays a major role in one’s life and if you have a good one then your wheels are probably on track. You need to ask the following questions before assessing the mattress performance.

  • Do I have any allergies or does my mattress cause any allergies?
  • Am I sleeping in a deep hole within my mattress?
  • Am I finding trouble to turn sides?
  • Does my partner get disturbed when I change sides?
  • Does the mattress sleep cool or hot?
  • Do I wake up in the middle of the night without any particular reason?
  • Does the mattress have the right firmness level or plush that my body needs?
  • Does the mattress offer support and comfort along with proper sleep?
  • Do I have any body aches when I wake up from sleep?

After you answer these questions, you will probably be sure whether you should look for a new mattress or not. Numerous mattress options are available in the markets, yet you should actually try a winkbed to know yourself about the benefits it offers.

Why choose winkbeds ?

Winkbeds belong to the luxury mattress category even though it comes at a cheaper price. This mattress offers high-end features and a wide array of benefits. WinkBed is made in the USA and comes with high quality. This mattress has five different layers offering comfort and support. For those who love toppers, this mattress has a fine euro top pillow topper offering extra comfort. This mattress is highly durable, contours according to the body shape, offers great edge support, and comes with lumbar support layer.

Winkbeds mattress construction – best sleep guaranteed

  • Top cover – Tencel technology cover for cool and dry sleep comes with a great appeal and finish.
  • Two designer foams for contouring support

Hypersoft Foam

This layer offers optimal pressure relief and supports the body without leaving body impressions when you toss and turn. This is definitely a better option than memory foam and latex when it comes to contouring and body support

Stabilizing Gel Foam

This layer helps in reducing motion transfer without causing sleep disturbances when you toss and turn. It also helps to provide ample contouring and distributes weight evenly. It helps to dissipate heat and a great option if you have a restless partner beside you.

Pocketed micro air springs

MICRO AIR-SPRINGS™ improve air flow and buoyancy. This layer sits beneath the two designer foams and helps to maximize airflow and wick away any excess moisture. Thus it helps to sleep cool throughout the night.

Lumbar support pad ( pre-densified cotton layer)

This layer offers extra support to the spine and provides pressure relief. This lumbar support pad helps to reduce stress to the lower back area of the body.

Tempered Support Springs

Below the lumbar support, lad sits the support coils tempered with steel. This layer makes the mattress firm on deep compression and soft to touch. It offers a push back support and helps in proper alignment of the body while at sleep. It also helps to provide pressure relief.

Maximum Perimeter Support

The edges of our mattress are highly durable due to the use of high-ILD foam. This dense perimeter supports the mattress and prevents from sagging even after many long years. This high-density edge makes the mattress highly durable.

Optional cool control base for temperature customization

Winkbeds come with a cool control base, where you can adjust the sleeping temperature on each side according to your preference. This is an option, which you can opt if you want.

Sleep great and get rid of stress – Motion Transfer and Sinkage

The WinkBed is a great choice if you an unsettling partner, who tosses and turns all the over the night. In fact, you will notice that you partner is tossing and turning very less after using Winkbeds. This mattress absorbs motion almost instantly and does not disrupt the sleep of the other person. In addition, when you sleep on the mattress you can easily move sides without having the sinkage feeling. Moreover, the edges are supportive that this mattress gives the best option for sleeping as well as sitting. When you sleep well, most of your anxiety and stress related problems will fade away.

Sleep with great choices with Winkbeds – firmness options

There is no one perfect firmness level when it comes to a mattress. If you have different options of firmness levels then it is indeed a great choice. Winkbeds comes in four different options and the details are below

Luxury Firm

If you want a fine looking luxury mattress just like those seen at luxury hotels, then this is the perfect pick you can go with. With the luxury firm option, you will attain ultimate comfort and this model is the popular choice among most of the customers. It offers great pushback support and contours according to the body shape.

Who should buy luxury firm?

  • A great option for side sleepers or stomach sleepers
  • Great for partners with different sleeping choices
  • Hate sinking into the deep hole while at sleep yet need a bit of contouring
  • Great for a restless person who is looking to attain great sleep


If you love the comfort of plushness and love to sink deeper while at sleep then this version is the best suited. This mattress exhibits a flexible coil system and comes with an extra layer of designer foam for added contouring.

Who should buy soft?

  • Those who love the plush factor and softness
  • Great for back sleepers and the ideal pick for side sleepers
  • Those who need more sink and pressure point relief
  • Those who love the idea of a soft mattress
  • Choose Luxury Firm


This layer is almost similar to the original mattress but contains a zoned coil unit that offers extra support. This is ideal for heavy sleepers and for people with back pain

Who should buy firm?

  • Looking for extra support for the back area especially the lumbar or the middle back area
  • If you hate plush mattress and love the firmness
  • Great for heavy sleepers and hate sinkage


The WinkBed Plus has specifically designed an option for heavier sleepers. The Plus design is a hybrid which includes features of a comfort layer (hypersoft and gel foam blend for cooler sleeping and a latex layer for the perfect bounce). The mattress comes with a support system that has a triple-zone pocketed coil system. This makes the mattress extra supportive and it is great for the hips and midsection. It also has an enhanced edge support system so that you can sit easily without slipping.

Who should buy plus?

  • For heavy sleepers who want a hybrid mattress
  • Those who love luxury medium-firm feel
  • Extra body support and comfort
  • Highly durable mattress

The WinkBeds is the only available mattress that offers a wide array or firmness levels for all sorts of customers. If you want to make further changes to the firmness or softness level, you can do it easily with the customization feature.

No Smell and heat just great sleep without stress

The WinkBed hybrid mattress comes with a unique top layer that improves breathability and cooling. The designer foams on the top layers help the mattress to sleep cool and maximizes airflow. The mattress offers a comfortable and relaxing sleep. Now talking about the smell, CertiPUR-US logo the WinkBed, is purely made in the USA. This mattress does not have any off gassing issue or smell. Therefore, it is a great pick for people who have high sensitivity towards the smell. In addition, this mattress contains a very low level of volatile organic compounds and it contributes least to indoor pollution, unlike other mattresses.

Foundation and durability

Winkbeds do not require any foundation; however, the company suggests having a strong one instead of using an old or weak foundation. You can opt to buy a sturdy foundation from Winkbeds specially designed for the mattress.

  • You can rotate the mattress every three months to improve its durability as it comes with a no-flip design.
  • Spot cleaning is the recommended way to clean stains or you can also go for vacuuming.
  • Highly durable and comes clean for a minimum of 10 years

Winkbeds Available Sizes

The WinkBed comes in the following sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split-King, and California King Sizes.

Winkbeds Shipping/trial period /warranty

All WinkBeds are ‘built to order’ and ships within 7 to 14 business days. The company offers free shipping. This mattress comes with a 101 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial and Guarantee. If you are happy you can keep the mattress, else chose to return it for a 100% money back guarantee. This 101-night risk-free trial gives customers ample time to try and to experience everything about the WinkBed mattress. The WinkBed comes with a 10-year Full Replacement Limited warranty and with a complete coverage for the first 10 years. You can also check for discount coupons at various sites, which you can make, use of while making a purchase.


Winkbeds have a great construction, design, flexibility, and high-end features. It comes with different firmness levels catering to the needs of different customers. Sleep is a guaranteed factor when it comes it Winkbeds. When you can have a great sleep at such an affordable price, why choose high priced mattresses. Great and consistent sleep will keep you away from depression, mental health issues, and other health disorders. Therefore, gift yourself the proper sleep that you deserve.