Yoga Wall Hardware Pelvic Inversion Swing

Yoga is the science that has the ability to heal the body, mind, and the soul.  Swing in the air without strain and make your spine young forever with Rope Wall Yoga Hardware.

Hitting the wall with the right yoga poses will helpha you in many ways. Wall is one of the best props one can use in yoga if done with safe and supportive apparatus. This is one the newest trends in the yoga domain and many like this new form of relaxation. Now you can fight your stress and anxiety disorders with all new wall yoga, go up in the air, and rejuvenate yourself. As you, all know yoga is a broader discipline that encompasses many techniques and practices that help to tone the body and the soul. Practicing yoga is one of the ultimate gifts one can provide to the body and mind. It helps to fight against anxiety and stress.

What is wall yoga?

The wall yoga is a form of yoga based on BKS Iyengar principles of alignment. He was the Guru who used ‘the wall’ as a prop to practice asanas by opening and creating space in the body using therapeutic techniques. The basic “Yoga Wall” took on the form of ropes supported by wall hooks. This was one of the novel innovations in the field of yoga by BKS Iyengar. His techniques and practices are famous around the world and is indeed a blessing to the humanity.

The Yoga Wall evolved, and new systems emerged designed by authentic yoga gurus. Adjustable straps came into use that accommodated all body-types. Nowadays various supportive apparatus are there which one can use to practice wall yoga or you can just make use of the wall to practice basic yoga poses. Either way, you will improve the versatility of the body and gain an upper hand over stress and anxiety.

Benefits of the YOGA WALL Rope

Can you practice Yoga to cure anxiety and stress? Absolutely. Wall yoga can definitely help you to deal with stress and anxiety, but it offers much more to the body. You can experience the gravitational force, work against this force with the help of props. This exceptional Yogacure practice utilizes a natural form of resistance and helps to develop a strong body and mind. There are many best type of yoga sequence for anxiety and depression Youtube videos available that will help you to grow emotionally and physically strong.

  • Helps to heal and repair the damages done to the body as well as the mind
  • Creates endless opportunities to live the life to the fullest by improving the spine health
  • You will attain a healthy, flexible spine that cooperates with every move that you make.
  • Can help enhance general adaptability and versatility in the joints and spine
  • Helps to strengthen and increases the endurance levels of the muscle groups across the body
  • This form of yoga help to access all the muscles and stretch the body using various poses better than the mat version
  • Offers proper alignment to the body as this form of yoga comes with verbal instructions
  • Offers an array of health and therapeutic benefits
  • Helps individuals to heal from athletic injuries, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and Sciatica without causing strain to the body
  • Easy way to do all the strenuous yoga poses easily with the help of adjustable straps, hooks, and blocks
  • A great work out tool for all and especially for athletes
  • Helps to practice numerous yoga poses using the wall
  • Help to remove the inner fear and negativity by building confidence
  • Provides a magical experience of letting your body fall against the gravity
  • Creates a general sense of awareness about the body and surroundings
  • Improves physical balance and improves the health of your spine
  • Almost all age groups can practice this yoga without causing any injuries, as you do not put strain on the body
  • Above all constant practice helps to prevent stress and anxiety issues completely from your life

Can the elderly people and people with injuries practice wall yoga?

Wall yoga gives great attention and improved focus on body alignment. BKS Iyengar started the use of “props” such as cushions, blocks, benches, straps, and sandbags. These props help beginners and elderly people to practice asanas more easily and fully than following the usual mat forms. Most of the poses that can be done only with several years of practice can be easily done using these props. Props make it easy for the elderly, injured, and tired people to enjoy the poses and align the body naturally without any strain. The best part is that they can achieve all the benefits of complex asanas with the help of fully “supported” props without giving any strain to the muscles.

How does wall yoga help to deal with anxiety and stress?

Yoga poses need to practice and only time can make one perfect enough to achieve all the benefits. Today in this busy schedule people do not find time to practice yoga routinely and therefore most of us leave the courses or programs in half way.

Wall yoga is different, here you do not need to have years of practice or expertise to do complex poses. You do not have to strain your muscles. For example, you can do a headstand easily with the help of adjustable straps against the wall. Headstand poses helps to improve blood flow to the brain and improve positive energy in the body. Various poses are available that help the body to attain better health and improved functions. When you start exercising the hormonal levels comes to a balance, your body tends to be normal. Your overall health will improve and you will start to feel the power of positivity. All these definitely help to prevent stress and anxiety issues.

How does wall yoga work?

The Yoga Wall is a different experience compared to the normal conventional floor or mat type yoga. This is a great step to the world of yoga for beginners as well as advanced levels. This type of yoga helps to understand the correct method of practicing an asana. It not only helps to form the correct shape but also helps to be self-aware. It makes one achieve proper alignment and work on the joint for greater flexibility. You can make simple adjustments to the body along with proper breathing techniques.

Wall yoga helps to improve stability and trains the mind to live a disciplined life. It helps to improve concentration and improves the overall nervous system functioning. One can easily achieve inner peace and close the gap between the mind and the body. One can easily do the downward facing dog, headstand, standing forward bend, child pose, reverse triangle pose and butterfly pose easily with the help of the wall. Not only these poses, one can practice a wide range of complex poses easily with the help of trained instructors and props.


Anxiety and stress are dreadful enemies that take away the quality of the life. If one learns simple techniques such as wall yoga, then it is easy to manage stress and anxiety. Yoga as a whole is a great remedy for various health issues.