Best Life Herbals Ultranol

This Ultranol works to strengthen your weak bladder. It is a natural remedy to get control over troubles like frequent urination, leaking, accidents and nighttime urgency.

Ultranol is the best urinary incontinence supplement available in the market presently. The supplement helps to get rid of frequent urination tendency and accidental leakages. It helps to live your life without embarrassment and prevents awkward situations. If you cannot hold it any longer and want to give a break to the bathroom visits, you have reached the right place. This article is about Ultranol that help to get rid of such embarrassing situations in less than 24 hours.

What is ultranol?

Ultranol as the creators of this product claim helps to end incontinence naturally in less than 24 hours. This natural breakthrough solution includes a unique mix of ingredients that naturally calms the bladder muscles. It helps to rebuild new and healthy bladder tissues. In addition, also has to support and strengthen a weak bladder. This product is equally beneficial for both elders and younger people. It helps to remove the dead cells from the bladder area and promote the growth of new cells. This supplement works at the basic level and prevents the recurrence of the problem. This is the best supplement that helps to provide a long-term natural solution instead of treating the symptoms alone.

What are the causes of Urinary incontinence and bladder leakage?

Urinary incontinence is common in both males and females. It is a condition where an individual is unable to control the urge to urinate. People suffering from such condition often have the urge to urinate frequently and sometimes it becomes uncontrollable.

Hormonal changes, ageing, childbirth, surgery, injury, urinary infection and several other factors lead to urinary incontinence. All these factors weaken the bladder muscles and the surrounding tissues. Women suffer from urinary incontinence mainly due to childbirth and menopause. Take the case of men, incontinence occurs as a part and parcel of prostate problems. It is a natural remedy that helps to treat and manage urinary incontinence and its symptoms in both men and women.

Best life herbals Ultranol ingredients

Ultranol is a herbal formulation that contains natural extracts and a proprietary blend of amino acids. The amino acids help to strengthen the bladder and enhance the holding capability. The natural extracts help to repair the damages and address various problems such as infections, inflammation and fight against free radicals. The ingredients of this supplement also help in detoxification and improve kidney health. In addition to this function, it also helps to protect the urinary bladder and kidney from bacterial infections. This supplement also contains essential amino acids that act as building blocks that promote cell growth.

  • Juniper berry extract – this natural extract helps to detoxify the whole body and boosts the immune system. It also has the ability to prevent infection due to its antioxidants properties. Juniper Berry extract also helps to prevent tissue damage, reduce pain and inflammation in the body. This extract also has the ability to repair tissue damage and fasten the healing process.
  • Birch leaf powder – Birch leaf has unique compounds that help to promote urinary flow and elimination of toxins from the body. This herb is diuretic in nature and helps to prevent bladder infections. In addition to that, it also helps to combat bladder leakage and prevent inflammation in the Kidneys.
  • Cranberry fruit extract – cranberry not only tastes better but also has high medicinal properties. It helps to prevent urinary infections and bacterial growth inside the bladder. This fruit contains proanthocyanins that help to protect the body from microbial growth.
  • Butcher’s broom root extract – this fruit extract helps to improve blood circulation and detoxify the blood. It is an age-old remedy that has been used by humankind to combat circulatory problems. It helps to fight against inflammation and pain. This extract also helps to promote the strength of capillaries and blood vessels. It helps to prevent kidney stones and excess water retention in the body. It is a highly favourable ingredient in this mixture due to its diuretic properties.
  • Buchu, short leaf extract – this herb acts as a diuretic and fights against bacterial infections. It helps to flush out toxins from the body and prevent inflammation. It also supports kidney and urinary tract health.
  • Hydrangea root extract – this is the natural tonic for the Kidneys as it helps in natural detoxification. This root extract is also known for its ability to cure prostate related problems due to the presence of antioxidants.
  • Uva Ursi extract – this ingredient is a part of many herbal formulations due to its medicinal value. It helps to promote urinary tract health and prevent bladder infections.
  • D-mannose is a vital ingredient of this formulation. It helps the kidneys, bladder, and the urinary tract to heal from various problems naturally without causing any side effects.

It prevents the growth of bacteria in the bladder wall and controls inflammation. This ingredient has the ability to fight against the E coli bacteria, which is the main cause behind urinary infections

Marshmallow root – this ingredient helps to soothe the mucous membranes, especially in the urinary tract. It also helps to fight against swelling and inflammation. This root has unique properties that help to flush out toxins from the body and works as an antioxidant. It also helps to heal damaged tissues with the help of a unique compound glucuronoxylan.

Proprietary amino acids blend

As mentioned in the above paragraph, this supplement contains a blend of powerful amino acids. These small building blocks help to repair the damaged cells and promote the growth of new cells. This supplement includes the following amino acids:

L- alanine, L-arginine HCl, L- aspartic acid,L- citrulline,L- cysteine, L-glutamic acid,L- glycine,L- histidine, L-lysine HCl, L-methionine, L-phenylalanine, L-proline, L-serine, L-taurine, L-threonine,L- tyrosine, and L-valine. These 17 amino acids function as the building blocks that promote muscle repair and strengthening of the weak bladder muscles. In addition, it also helps in the working of certain key enzymes that are essential to maintaining the urinary tract health. Amino acids also help to regulate the chemical balance in the body that is essential to control muscular movements.

Ultranol dosage instructions

Ultranol comes in conveniently packed capsules. The recommended dosage is one capsule a day to get rid of frequent urination and incontinence episodes.

Precautions: Do not take more than one capsule a day and follow the instructions properly. It is best to take the capsule with your breakfast for better results. Store this product in a cool dry place.

Ultranol customer reviews

Ultranol is definitely a great product and there are numerous positive reviews. There are like a majority of customers who are highly satisfied with this product. At the same time, a few disliked this product for various other reasons. The majority of the customers say that this product works instantly and provides effective results. They say that it is like a natural remedy and does not cause any side effects. Most of them suggest that this is the perfect solution to get rid of incontinence on a long-term basis rather than depending on any prescription medicines.

The major complaints of this product are that the creators have not listed any dosage specifications or timings on their official website. Most of the users say that they have discussed with their medical experts to decide the dosage and timing of using the product. Apart from that, this product is said to be a huge success and one of the best-rated product by customers.

  • “I have used Ultranol for almost a month and it works fine. I can now go to the office without the fear of having any awkward situations, especially while on important meetings.
  • “After pregnancy, it was like a terrible time as I could not control the leakage problems. I tried physiotherapy and exercises to tighten the vaginal area. However, nothing work and this product came down as a lifesaver. Now I can move around freely without the fear of any leakage or frequent urination troubles.”
  • “The results are so quick and I stopped relying on my pads. It just took 2 days to get the desired results once I started using these capsules.”
  • “Nowadays I sleep well without any interruptions, unlike other days when I used to have a number of bathroom trips. This product works and I recommend this to all. It is affordable and easily available online. I have enrolled for a full 6 month supply.”

Buy Ultranol

Ultranol is not available at any physical outlets or stores. It is available online at the official website of best life Herbals. You can also buy this product from Amazon and other affiliate sites. If you choose to buy from the official website you can avail discounts and exciting deals directly from the manufacturer. You can also opt for the auto ship program for 6 months to get the discounts. You can place the order through telephone, email or directly through their web page.

Frequently asked questions

How does Ultranol work?

Ultranol works By addressing the root cause of the incontinence. It helps to prevent all the symptoms within a few days. The ingredients in this product supply essential nutrients and building blocks for the smooth functioning of bladder muscles and the surrounding areas. This product also helps to prevent tissue damage and promote healing of the tissues. In addition, it helps to prevent microbial infections and prevents their growth in the bladder walls. It also helps to suppress inflammation and pain due to incontinence. This supplement contains all natural ingredients that work effectively and safely without causing any harm to the body. It is a perfect solution for preventing incontinence in the long-run.

How quick are the results after using ultranol?

The results are faster as quick as in one day. Some say that it takes two to three days to show effective results.

Why chose ultranol from best life herbals?

  • Every ingredient are tested and certified for quality
  • The manufacturing facility and the labs meet all the industry standards
  • Each batch is tested before it reaches the customers
  • Scientifically proven ingredients

Does ultranol come with a guarantee?

Best life herbals are an esteemed organization and they offer I years satisfaction guarantee on all of their products. if you are not satisfied with the product, then you can return it via the customer care department. You will get a refund minus shipping and handling costs. The refund option is valid for a full one year from the date of purchase. This is one of the longest ever guarantee offer ever given any manufacturer.
Contact the customer care department at the following

  • E-mail;
  • Phone: (toll free) 1-866-405-5138 (or 1-925-331-6892 outside the U.S.)
  • Address: Best Life Herbals, Customer Service, 2240 W. Woolbright Road, Suite 202, Boynton Beach, FL 3342

Conclusion: Incontinence or bladder leakage is a menace especially while travelling, sleeping or when between a social gathering. It creates embarrassing situations and awkward moments, eventually taking away the quality of life. Ultranol comes handy in such situations as it provides effective results in a very short time. This natural supplement offers stunning results in just as a day without any side effects. It makes use of natural ingredients and essential amino acids that support the body. This product is safe for all and provides best results. However, it would have been better if the official website had included more details about the product, such as dosage and timings. In general, this product is worth recommending and a highly favorable pick to manage incontinence.