Professional Formulas Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence Liquid

Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence is a homeopathic remedy to cure anxiety and depressive behavior in the most natural way possible.

Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence is a homeopathic preparation that aids in depression. It helps generate the happy hormones, serotonin, and dopamine. This liquid formed helps improve the depressed mental state. This homeopathic preparation is prepared with herbal extracts and the neurotransmitters in the diluted form.

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Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence homeopathic drops is useful for the Alzheimer’s, obsessive-compulsive disorders, hypertension, schizophrenia, migraine etc. When used properly, it can reduce the use of anti-depressants.

It cures the imbalance of the hormones in the brain and can regularize the sleep cycle, without any addiction or side effects as in the case of anti-depressants and other drugs.

Professional formulas Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence liquid ingredients

  • Choline is a precursor for acetylcholine that can boost memory. It cures depression and balances mood. The memory-boosting effects can benefit brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and other diseases.
  • Inositol is another compound that can balance sleep and can reduce depression and tension. Every neurotransmitter relies on inositol for the messages. These neurotransmitters will not be produced without inositol.
  • Magnesia phosphoric can curb nervousness and reduce the headache arising due to nervousness. It can reduce irritability and muscle spasms.
  • Medicago sativa can curb sleep disorder as part of nervousness. It can regulate the neurotransmitters and reduce depression.
  • Musa sapientum helps in the production of dopamine and reduce depression and also helps with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Scutellaria lateriflora reduces irritability, nervousness, muscle twitching etc as part of the nervous mind.
  • Valeriana officinalis is a natural sedative that curbs nervousness. It can cure sleep disorders and regularize sleep pattern. The extra sensitivity of the mind can be controlled with the help of this ingredient.

Other Ingredients

  • Pineal supports tissue regeneration and tonificaiton. It promotes the production of serotonin and also ensures enough melatonin.
  • Pituitary promotes muscular growth and can promote better concentration and focus.
  • GABA is the mood elevator that brings a feel of well-being. It can inhibit the nerves from getting agitated.
  • Oleander can benefit the degenerative diseases and regulates the enzymes for energy.
  • Cadmium metallicum can ease the muscles, reduce the headache etc. It can reduce the nervous exhaustion.
  • Coenzyme Q10 fuels up the energy production and improves the brain energy and power. It is an essential need for the normal brain functioning.
  • Phosphatidyl serine can relieve brain stress, boost the memory, and reduce anxiety and depression. It reduces the cortisol levels and brings a feel of well-being.
  • Serotonin is the happy hormone that promotes sleep and appetite etc.
  • Dopamine promotes the positive mood, sleep, attention, focus, concentration, and good behavior.

Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence dosage

Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence is the liquid form for easy administration. It can be used by adults and children equally. The liquid form of Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence is taken under the tongue.

Adults should take 1 teaspoonful of the liquid under the tongue and keep it there for a few minutes until it is completely absorbed. This homeopathic remedy should be taken 30 minutes before the meals.

For people who are sensitive to alcohol can mix the required amount of the liquid in 4 oz of lukewarm water. They should sip the mix slowly.

Children of the age of 4-12 can have half the dose that for adults.

Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence side effects

There are no known or reported side effects of using Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence. Being a homeopathic preparation and the fact that the ingredients are all diluted, leaves very fewer chances of any possibility of side effects.

Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence reviews

The Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence reviews show that the product is a reliable one. It has proven to balance the mood and has brought a difference to many. It has cured insomnia or many and has curbed depression in others.

Yet, there are users who are disappointed no significant change in their demeanor, even after a prolonged use.


For anyone who wants to try a ‘remedy’ for depression or anxiety and don’t want to rely on the drugs, this Serotonin Dopamine Liquescence is the best option that can bring positive effects without the addiction or other side effects. You can get it from Amazon and other online stores easily. It is easy in the body and also on the wallet.