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Rena’s hypnosis resets the brain to think positive or think in favor of not eating anything that can cause you weight gain or prevent the weight loss.

From the time I started with Rena Greenberg’s program, I have lost 55 lbs. I used to be an emotional eater and was overweight after my pregnancy. I tried different crash diets, starved myself, and did every crazy dieting program before, and most of them never worked. Rena’s hypnosis program is sensible and logical. Now I have started incorporating all the tips and tricks that Rena formulated for better long lasting results say “Doris” from Tampa Bay area.

Did I lose weight with Rena’s Hypnosis program?

Well, I have personally tried this Rena Greenberg’s hypnosis program and have seen visible weight loss… I have worked on the program for almost two months and I must say Rena Greenberg’s sessions are simply amazing. I took a total for two sessions with her where I was hypnotized and I could not attend further due to lack of time and personal commitments. For more results I have to get back soon and attend her sessions.

With just a few sessions and hypnosis, I lost a moderate amount of weight and this was simply great. I was more like having a saturated feeling when it came to weight loss. No matter what I did, my number would not change on the weighing scale for the past one year. After Rena’s hypnosis session, I saw a change in the number and it was really a motivating factor. I would not say that I lost huge pounds, but still, I was able to make a small difference in a very short time frame. Now  I am following her hypnosis CD’s whenever possible and find hell a lot of motivation to keep going. I am born sugar addict and my mom says that I have a sweet tooth. Thankfully, after Rena’s hypnosis sessions I have started eating healthy and natural foods.

Who is Rena Greenberg?

She is a certified hypnotherapist and has worked with over 100,000 patients for two decades. She claims that hypnosis helps her clients from keeping away food cravings and obsession towards food. Rena has designed many virtual techniques that help in swift weight loss. She also has great knowledge about traditional healing methods. Her hypnosis program includes three hypnosis sessions, her therapeutic CDs, and a weight-loss juice invented by her called “Slender Cider.”

How did I end up doing Rena’s hypnosis program?

I started reading about Rena’s hypnosis programs from a magazine that was mainly for people who are battling with weight loss issues. I saw a testimonial where a patient says, “My brain thinks that my tummy is very small as if I had undergone a real gastric bypass surgery. This is magical and I never knew that my mind has so much capability.” This is what prompted me to try this weight loss program by training the mind, soul, and body. Rena Greenberg’s program is a Lifestyle changer and it is a lot better than undergoing crash diets. She targets on the mental aspects of losing weight systematically. You can also start counting the Calories and track whatever you are eating on a daily basis.

Lose weight using Rena’ hypnosis with easy willpower

I am sure most of you would have heard success stories about thousands of individuals and celebrities who have tried hypnosis to drop their stubborn pounds. However, the first question that pops in everyone’s mind is Does Rena’s hypnosis work and encourage healthy weight loss?

Rena does all the magic with her virtual gastric bypass hypnosis, which actually costs only a small fraction of the cost of a real weight loss or bariatric surgery. The gastric bypass hypnosis surgery gives one a feeling of having a reduced or surgically trimmed stomach. This will help to make your appetite small and promotes healthy weight loss without any real surgery or use of magical pills. The concept of losing weight-using hypnosis has been just a talk for many decades.

Now Hypnotherapists like Rena Greenberg are offering “gastric bypass hypnosis,” or “lap band hypnosis to many needy people across the nation. This hypnosis procedure helps to reprogram and reactivate the minds of patients. Their brain or their subconscious mind starts to believe that their stomachs are actually smaller. This will keep you from eating large meals that make you uncomfortable and lead to weight gain.

There are many overweight and obese populations in the US. According to estimates, more than 200,000 Americans go a step ahead and try painful and expensive surgical procedures. Most of them get a portion of their stomach trimmed, constricted, removed, or repositioned. These procedures come with many side effects and it is always better not to alter your biological settings. Moreover, the costs of these surgeries are skyrocketing with every passing year. When you can achieve better results with gastric bypass hypnosis by merely attending a few sessions, then why waste a fortune on getting your body exposed to a knife and medical tools.

How does Rena’s hypnosis work?

Behavior modification is the apt term that one can use when it comes to Rena’s hypnosis. Yes, changing your behavior and making you to lead a healthy lifestyle is what the whole program intends to do. Once you start attending the sessions you will notice that you are drinking more water, eating natural stuff and enjoying unprocessed foods. Not only that you will start choosing smaller portions and making healthy choices to fill your plate. Moreover, you will also notice that you have fewer food cravings and an increase in your activity level. These changes happen after attending the sessions and working on the affirmative CDs.

The Rena’s hypnosis program will make you interested in continuing all these good behaviors automatically, which is necessary for a healthy weight loss. The Easy Willpower hypnotherapeutic technique really works and brings the best out of you. It fills the gaps and motivates your mind to take certain healthy actions without you forcing them upon self. The ultimate result is a healthy weight loss with long lasting results.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming approach for weight loss

Neuro-linguistic Programming is a science that helps one to transform unhealthy behavior and to fruitful positive thoughts. It helps to bring out the best behavior patterns that encourage health and overall well-being. The neurolinguistic programming is one of the techniques practiced in the Rena’s hypnosis program. It helps to modify the inner images and voices that create harmful decisions for you.

NLP works with a simple approach that people have all the resources they need within themselves. The potential needs to be tapped and one needs to learn how to unleash them for their own betterment. This science assumes that for every action or behavior there is a positive intention. Most of us overeat; snack often and stress eat as a means to keep ourselves happy or to fill some gap.

Stress eating is an unproductive behavior and the only benefit it offers is to help you relax and provide energy. However, the aftereffect is an unhealthy weight gain. Now when you start to battle against these odd behaviors you fail most of the times because you do not tap the inner potential. Rena Greenberg’s Easy Willpower hypnosis enables and empowers you to tap into your deepest potential. It teaches you to change and alter your own inner mind and soul. These techniques offer a great way to understand your body and your mind. In short, you will notice that with passing time you will crave less for food and gradually start decreasing weight.

What do Reena Greenberg’s patients say and feel about the hypnosis program with easy will power?

There are numerous weight loss success stories that are truly motivating and many experts highly recommend her programs. They are thousands of patients who vouch for her affirmative hypnosis programs and they say that it works by tuning their mind. Below I have quotes some amazing reviews posted by her patients.

Diana Gordon says, “I have seen my friends undergoing the real gastric bypass surgery, and I knew that surgery was not even a choice for my body. I had the money to let the knife run along my stomach, but I did not want to do such invasive experiments that may or may not work. Moreover, I have seen my friends going through diet routines even after having the surgery. The recovery phase from these surgeries is quite painful and stressful.

Some of them even gained back the weight after a few years. So, I decided to attend Reena Greenberg’s gastric bypass hypnosis program as I wanted to lose weight gradually without giving pain to my body. I was able to quit my addiction towards chocolates and all sugars. Starches were not even an option to be on my plate after attending her sessions. It is all about controlling the mind by hypnosis and it worked for me. I have lost many pounds and now I happy that I can fit into two sizes less.”

Derek “I had the hypnosis gastric bypass procedure done at the mid of September and since then — I was 320 pounds back then – today I am 237, I’ve lost quite a lot and I will stick to this program lifelong. It is not just hype but a true way to lose weight and control your own mind.”

Catherine “ I was overweight and I needed support to walk due to the severe leg pain. After the virtual Rena’s hypnosis surgery, I was able to not only walk but run. I have lost around 150 pounds. I am happy that I chose this method to lose weight.”

Now, are there any negative reviews or people who oppose this hypnosis program by Rena Greenberg?

A few bariatric surgeons claim that these kinds of procedures do not prevent one from eating or help to lose weight. They say that these are unrealistic claims and no scientific studies are available that validate the weight loss achieved by Hypnosis. However, whatever be the negative reactions or reviews, there are thousands of patients who have lost considerable weight just by tapping their inner potential.

Is Rena’s hypnosis procedure safe?

Hypnosis is a safe procedure and you are always in control. The hypnotist makes a few fruitful suggestions that one can choose to follow or ignore. You will feel like waking up from a few hours of sleep after attending a few minutes of the hypnosis session.

Does this cause any side effects or harmful effects on the brain?

No, not at all, there are no ‘side effects’ and hypnosis offers positive outcomes. It helps you to achieve a greater sense of well being, lower heart rate, reduces tension, and improves energy levels. While under hypnosis, you are always in complete control and you can choose to come out of it anytime you want. However, the hypnosis state is full of pleasure and tranquillity that you will come out of it only when you are asked to do so. This procedure is great for the mind, body, and soul. It does not harm the brain but provide ultimate relaxation.

Should I try the Rena’s hypnosis program? Who should attend this program?

Those who are overweight and obese can definitely try this program. If you love to achieve great results without going through invasive medical procedures, strict diets and intense workouts, you should try this program. This is a pocket-friendly, healthy friendly and weight loss friendly option. It is a lifestyle choice and it works.

Rena’s Hypnosis Program Bottom line

Experts say that people who undergo hypnosis are in reality just tapping their inner power and they cultivate healthy habits. This program brings a strong desire to change, allows them to follow their dreams and lose weight effectively. This program promises an inexpensive way of re-programming the brain to eradicate sugar cravings, carbs, and stress eating. Reena Greenberg says, “Never underestimate the power of the brain and it can do wonders”.

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