Nolah Sleep Comfortable Mattresses

Nolah mattress offers comfort, and the best sleep possible. Never underestimate the value of having a great mattress. Nobody likes to toss and turn on a rock hard mattress. There are various kinds of mattresses available in the market that offers perfect support and comfort. If you would like to have, perfect comfortable mattress then try the Nolah mattress.

Below you will find a detailed review about Nolah mattress. Not only will you also understand how it helps to reduce anxiety and insomnia problems. This article is for those who want to have restful sleep and reduce anxiety issues. Before that, one needs to understand the importance of having a great sleep.

Anxiety and sleep disorders

Anxiety is a natural response and it works as an alert system. It is basically meant to alert us from potential danger and helps the person to react promptly. However, many people suffer from anxiety disorder due to repeated false alarms and alertness. Anxiety disorder and insomnia are common nowadays. According to reports, 25% of Americans suffer from anxiety disorders.

Do you know that lack of sleep can lead to many health issues?

Getting less sleep leads to an unhealthy mind and body. People who sleep late or those who have less sleep tend to have negative thoughts and fear. They have a Pessimistic attitude towards most of the problems that they face. Is it also believed that lack of sleep on a regular basis can lead to anxiety issues? According to medical experts, it is important to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily to lead a healthy life. If you sleep less, it can lead to obesity, diabetes, depression, and other major health issues.

Can a mattress help to solve anxiety problems?

The answer is big NO; it cannot help to cure anxiety issues. However, a mattress can lend a hand to reduce anxiety issues by offering the best possible sleep. Getting a relaxed sleep is the best cure to many health problems. Good and deep sleep helps to calm the mind, allow the body to heal the damages and ultimately improve the bodily functions. Choosing the right kind of mattress that supports the body, providing the right sleeping temperature and comfort is very important.

Nolah mattress is an epitome of comfort and support. The majority of the customers, who tried this mattress, say that it helps to get deep and restful sleep. That is what is required from a mattress and not any fancy accessories or fitting to lure the customers. Nolah mattress has the perfect design, construction and offers great comfort that leads to great sleep. Having a great sleep simply means that you wake up fresh, no negative thoughts and having a calm mind. All these factors definitely contribute to reducing anxiety issues.

Construction of Nolah mattress – one great cool memory foam mattress

Nolah mattress comes with three basic layers and a total height of 10 inches.

  • Cooling Nolah AirFoam™ – this layer takes the top 2 inches. This cooling foam layer is not temperature sensitive and due to that, this mattress sleeps cool. It also contours according to the body movements without sinking deep down while turning the sides.
  • Supportive Avena® Foam – This layer takes one-inch height and it holds the mattress with its sturdy support. This layer offers reasonable bounce effect and allows one to cuddle all night with the best ever comfort.
  • High-Density Base Foam – the high-density base layers sits with a total of 7 inches height. This layer is highly durable and offers the best foundation to the top two layers. It also helps to provide contouring effect without sagging.

Nolah mattress cover

Mattress cover – The mattress comes with an ultra soft natural viscose cover. The viscose cover helps to ward off the moisture away and makes the mattress sleep cool. The viscose cover comes with a stylish knitted design all over. The mattress cover is non-removable and you can do spot cleaning for occasional stains

Nolah mattress size availability and dimensions

This mattress is available in the following sizes as per your needs.

  • TWIN 39″×75″×10″
  • TWIN XL 39″×80″×10″
  • FULL 54″×75″×10″
  • QUEEN 60″×80″×10″
  • KING 76″×80″×10″
  • CAL KING 72″×84″×10″

Reduce anxiety with the comfort offered by Nolah memory foam mattress

Nolah mattress remains to the firmer side than being plush. The core is firm and the top layer offers a cushioning effect. The top layers feel soft and offer plush feel while at sleep. The mattress as a whole is quite firm that supports the whole body and gives proper natural alignment. The supportive firm foundation holds both the top layers and reduces motion transfer effects. Due to this, the top layer hugs the body perfectly without making you feel like sleeping in a deep hole.

Whether you are a heavy or a slim, this mattress is going to capture your hearts for sure. It is even a better choice for heavy sleepers and especially for side sleepers. It contours according to the body shape and offers deep rest without having any sleep disturbances. When you sleep longer, you will have good thoughts and calm mind, which ultimately helps to reduce anxiety disorders.

No heat sleep cool memory foam mattress

Nolah mattress sleeps cool due to its air foam technology and design. The viscose cover of the mattress helps to prevent moisture build-up and all the three layers beneath are not temperature sensitive. Due to the highly functional design, this mattress does not absorb body heat. Nolah mattress dissipates heat swiftly and quicker than most of the expensive memory foam mattresses in the market. Moreover, this mattress does not include any visco-elastic chemicals that lock in heat. With Nolah no more heat, just sleep cool to reduce anxiety and insomnia!

The best therapeutic comfort and the best sleep

Nolah mattress comes with a claim that offers Therapeutic Comfort. From most of the customer reviews and feedbacks, this point seems to be true. This mattress offers refreshing sleep and provides relief from pressure points. This mattress supports the body by contouring and offers comfort just like an expensive mattress would do. The Nolah mattress offers 4X times less pressure on your hips, shoulders and other body parts. According to the manufacturers, this Mattress is scientifically proven to provide less pressure on the body due to its sophisticated design. It sleeps cool due to its 100% temperature neutral definition and AirCool foam technology. Nolah offers great sleep, lowers back pain due to the right level of firmness and overall helps to wake up with full of energy.

Just the right bounce

Nolah mattress comes with a signature bounce as claimed its manufacturers. This mattress makes use of the patented latex-like Avena® foam, which offers minimal bounce that is apt for a comfortable sleep. This ultra-premium foam offers the perfect bounce and the durability factor is high compared to any than Latex mattress.

Safe for people with allergies

Nolah mattress is hypoallergenic and offers thorough ventilation. This Mattress has improved air circulation and sleeps cool throughout the night.

No extraordinary smell or off-gassing

Nolah mattress has some off –gassing or odor, when it comes out of the box and this is common with all mattresses available in the markets. You can keep t he mattress wide open for a day or two for the odour to dissipate. After that, you will not find any extraordinary smell or off-gassing issues. In General, every mattress will have some smell initial days, which will fade away with time. It is environmental-friendly and contributes very less to indoor pollution.

Nolah mattress trial period/ reduce anxiety in 120 days or else you can return it

Nolah mattress comes with a trial period of 120 days, which is best in the mattress industry.

You can try this mattress for many nights and days trouble free. You do not have to take the pain of spending just five minutes on each mattress available at local stores. With five minutes, you will not get to notice anything about the mattress. However, with Nolah you can try in real time and sleep for 120 nights to determine its features. You will surely notice a difference in your sleep patterns and energy levels after waking up in the morning. If you do not find any positive outcomes, then you can simply choose to return the product by initiating a return process. You can also return this mattress with a free shipping cost. Nolah mattress, unlike other mattresses, does not levy the shipping costs on your pocket.

Free shipping/ Returns and Warranty

Nolah mattress comes with a 15-year warranty against manufacturing defects and damages. This product is entirely made in USA. The mattress arrives in a box tightly packed and compressed. This mattress reaches your doorstep FREE of shipping and handling charges. In case, if you decide to return the product you can do so without spending on the return shipping costs

Wildlife adoption by Nolah mattress

Nolah mattress is playing a vital role by contributing its help towards nature. With each purchase, you are promising to protect the wildlife. A fraction of every purchase goes to the wildlife conservation and adoption of animals. As a customer, you can choose the type of animal or wildlife, you would like to adopt or contribute. You will get a certificate of adoption along with the mattress.

Advantages of Nolah mattress

  • Compatible with all foundation types
  • No flip only rotate type mattress
  • Supports up to 400 pounds
  • Provides deep and restful sleep

Disadvantages of Nolah mattress

  • Available online only at the official website

Buy Nolah mattress – Best cool memory foam mattress giveaways

You can buy Nolah mattress from the official website. You will find this mattress at any local outlets. There are various discount and promo coupons available at various sites. Subscribe to the newsletter in the official site and gain instant discounts from your purchase.

Nolah Mattress Customer reviews

The Nolah mattress is a great pick according to many verified users. This mattress has a great air foam technology and innovative construction. The mattress cover has dual color with a stylish design. The mattress has a sturdy base layer, perfect middle layer for the right bounce, and does not produce heat with the top AirCool layer. There are many benefits offered by Nolah mattress and the majority of the customers recommend this mattress to others.

  • “ Nolah mattress helps to attain great sleep and you can wake up fresh the next day. I slept well all along the trial period and I chose not to return it back. I love my mattress and I am happy that I found my perfect sleep partner.”
  • “My lower back pain is a nowhere to be found. I would give this mattress big thumps up as it has helped me to get pain relief. This is a wonderful product and helps to provide great sleep and nothing else.
  • ” it definitely helps to get good sleep, no disturbances, or interruptions. Just pure sleep all night and helps to have a calm mind. Everybody out there looking for a great mattress should definitely try Nolah mattress to know what deep sleep is.”

Summary: Nolah mattress has many high-end features and comes with all the functionalities of an expensive mattress. This mattress helps to attain the best sleep and supports the body in and out. It offers therapeutic comfort, better cooling, improved air circulation, perfect bounce and the right level of firmness. When you can sleep well and relax, then your body will get ample time to heal and repair the damages. Restful sleep helps to calm the body and the soul. You can start making changes in your lifestyle to reduce anxiety issues and the first step to it may be by trying Nolah mattress.

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