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Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure Reviews

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure 120 Emotional Wellness

NeuroPure offers neurotransmitter precursors to help support serotonin and dopamine production and function, mood stability, neuronal health and cytokine balance, and emotional wellness.

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure formulation is in conjunction with Dr. James Greenblatt. This product is a part of PureSynapse, a line of products developed on scientific findings and after decades of clinical experience. NeuroPure formulation offers key nutrients to potentially help support overall neurotransmitter function, neuronal health, and emotional balance. Read more to know about the Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure Reviews.

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure

NeuroPure offers neurotransmitter precursors to help support serotonin and dopamine production and function, neuronal health and cytokine balance, mood stability and emotional wellness. Significant content in each formulation is the inclusion of a vitamin B6, zinc, and Metafolin L-5-MTHF cofactor complex. People mostly deplete these major nutrients due to reasons such as medications, insufficient diets, toxic environmental exposures and compromising the ability to properly synthesize neurotransmitters. When replete, these cofactors may enhance neurotransmitter function and play a harmonizing role in supporting emotional wellbeing.

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure 120 Capsules Features

This comprehensive neurotransmitter support has various functions to perform–

  • It potentially provides enhanced support for emotional balance and mood stability.
  • It may promote the production of both serotonin and dopamine.
  • NeuroPure contains the serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitter precursors 5-HTP and DL-phenylalanine.
  • It includes the synergistic cofactors vitamin B6, Metafolin L-5MTHF and zinc that can support neurotransmitter production.
  • It has L-5MTHF is the form of folate that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure could improve phenylethylamine (PEA) activity to enhance mood and alertness.
  • It includes curcumin that may support healthy serotonin receptor function and adapts healthy monoamine oxidase enzyme function.
  • It can maintain healthy cytokine balance with curcumin and quercetin to support neurotransmitter synthesis and emotional balance.
  • NeuroPure attempts to support optimal serum levels of zinc and folate to promote positive mood
  • It is a non-GMO, vegan and vegetarian dietary supplement.
  • One bottle of this supplement contains 120 capsules, pricing around $52.

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure Ingredients and Source

This supplement has Pyridoxal 5’ phosphate and folate (Metafolin®, L-5-MTHF) and DL-Phenylalanine that are synthetic. The Magnesium and zinc come from the lime of rock. 5-Hydroxytryptophan derived from Griffonia simplicifolia seeds. Turmeric extract derived from Curcuma longa root and standardized to contain 18% curcuminoids. It contains Phospholipids from soy and Quercetin from the Fava d’anta tree (Dimorphandra Mollis) pods and Cat’s claw (Uncaria tormentosa) leaves.

The other ingredient in this formulation is a vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water). It contains soy.

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 2 veg capsules and Amount Per Serving

  • Folate (as Metafolin, L-5-MTHF) 500 mcg
  • Zinc (as zinc picolinate) 10 mg
  • Dl-phenylalanine (free-form) 700 mg
  • 5-hydroxytryptophan 100 mg
  • Meriva turmeric phytosome (turmeric (curcuma longa) extract (root) and phospholipid complex) (standardized to contain 18% curcuminoids) 250 mg
  • Quercetin 100 mg
  • Pyridoxal 5’ phosphate (activated B6) 10 mg

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure Recommended Use

As a dietary supplement, take 2–4 capsules per day, in divided doses, between meals.

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure Side Effects Or Precautions

This product is not for use by pregnant or lactating women. Its certain ingredients may relate with gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea, heartburn, vomiting, diarrhea or flatulence. In addition, people with phenylketonuria or tardive dyskinesia should avoid this product. Consult your doctor for more details.

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure Potential Drug Interactions

This product does not intend to replace SSRI, MAOI or other psychiatric medications. Also, you should use it under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner. Do not take this product at the same time as with SSRI medications or MAO inhibitors. Its ingredient turmeric may be contra-indicated with blood thinning medications. Moreover, Quercetin may react with calcium channel blockers, estradiol, and immune suppressive drugs. Thus, consult your physician before using this product and to know more about drug interactions.

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure Customer Review

There are a limited number of customer reviews for this product. But most of them are positive feedback which praises the product performance and highly recommends it. Read below what people are saying about the product.

Sheila S. gives this product thumbs up. She ordered it to help clear the fog, sharpen her short-term memory and also rebalance her emotions. The product result thrilled her with the cognitive changes that she experienced almost immediately. She is taking 5-HTP for nearly 6 months and it did nothing much for her emotions. This is a very satisfactory product which she recommends to all.

Mk believes NeuroPure is helpful but not sure how much it is working. He bought it for his mom as he likes the ingredients. She is using it for about 5 but does not know if it is working or not. He says she may need to stay on NeuroPure longer to see the results.

Leslie also bought this product for her Mother. Her mother is seriously ill and uses this to keep her moods stabilized and her mind sharp. It works very well for her. They both trust and highly recommended this and other Pure Encapsulations products.

Pure Encapsulations NeuroPure Conclusion

If you are in search for a product that supports neurotransmitter function, neuronal well-being as well as stabilizes mood, then your search ends here. Try NeuroPure by Pure Encapsulations today.