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PhenRX By NexgenBiolabs – Reviews

NexgenBiolabs Phenrx Weight Loss Pill

NexgenBiolabs Phenrx is a weight loss pill, produced and distributed by a US based health supplement manufacturer NexgenBiolabs Inc. It a mix of natural components like caffeine, tyramine, synephrine HCL, dimethyl 4, yohimbine, schizandrol, and PEA.

NexGen PhenRX is a powerful weight loss formulation and it has highly potent ingredients that help to prevent hunger pangs. This product also helps to boost the metabolic rate and aid is fat removal. Having a healthy number on the weighing scale is a dream for many. Now you achieve your weight loss goals with the help of this fat burning supplement.

Do you want to lose those stubborn fats from your hip, belly, and thighs? You have reached the right place. This article is exclusively about PhenRX fat loss supplement that helps to cut down the numbers in your weight scale in a healthy way.

What is PhenRX supplement?

NexGen PhenRX is a potent weight loss formulation or in other words a dietary supplement. PhenRX weight loss pills help to do away with stubborn fats, from the arms, tummy, and hips. It boosts lipids and fat metabolism to such an extent that the body is compelled to utilize the fat reserves. PhenRX advanced formula diet pills help to improve lean body mass by decreasing fats and speeding up the metabolic rate. In addition, the PhenRX dietary supplement also helps to curb uncalled hunger pangs that are one of the causes behind weight gain. This supplement also helps to gain an increase in the metabolic rate and lead a healthy life.

Nexgen PhenRX ingredients

Follow are the details of the ingredients used in this weight loss formulation

  • TRIMETHYLXANTHINE – you can call it as caffeine and this ingredient helps to improve the metabolic rate and control appetite. Now you know why black coffee helps in decreasing weight.
  • BETA-PHENYLETHYLAMINE – this is a common ingredient in high-quality weight loss supplements. It helps to improve the metabolic rate at the cellular level and boost the mood.
  • SYNEPHRINE HCL – This is an extract mainly found in citrus plants and it helps to provide stable energy levels. It also helps to improve metabolic rates and stabilize blood pressure. This ingredient also helps to improve cardio vascular health. It also helps to convert fat into energy.
  • SCHIZANDROL A – This herbal extract helps to increase dopamine production and boosts the energy levels. It helps to control stress and anxiety.
  • YOHIMBINE HCL – This ingredient is an alkaloid that helps to support weight loss, stabilize blood pressure, provide antioxidant support, and prevent cardiac attacks.

Other inactive ingredients used are magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

Phenrx dosage

The recommended dosage of PhenRX is two pills a day before food. You can also follow the dosage as prescribed by your health care expert.

PhenRX side effects and precautions

This supplement is not for kids under the age of 18. Pregnant and breastfeeding woman should consult with a doctor before using any weight loss supplements. This product contains stimulants and highly potent extracts, so read the ingredients label before use. Those who have chronic health issues should consult with a doctor, before using any dietary supplements. If you have high blood pressure, cardio issues, or liver problems then stay away from this supplement.

Phenrx Customer reviews

This dietary supplement is an excellent weight loss remedy that helps to curb appetite and aids in fat loss. It spikes the metabolic level and cuts down the fat reserves. The majority of the people who used this product say that that it works successfully with positive results in just a matter of a few weeks. They also say that they feel reduced hunger pangs after having this supplement.

“ I have used many weight loss supplements and some of them worked to cut down the water weight. However, none of the products I used targeted the fat that was the main culprit behind my flabs. Now I eat less and I do not feel hungry like I used to do before. “

“ I have lost quite a few pounds easily with the help of this supplement coupled with low-intensity exercises. The weight loss is real and this product is no hype, but a true magic that works.”

“This is a great product and it helps to burn fats if used consistently. I would recommend this product to all those who want to lose weight.”

Frequently asked question

How does PhenRX Work?

Overeating, stress, genetic factors, and medical conditions may lead to weight gain. Although one cannot treat all the factors, overeating can be controlled and that is what PhenRX does. Many people especially overweight and obese people find it difficult to control food cravings. That is the main reason why weight loss goals almost seem impossible.

NexGen Biolabs PhenRX helps to suppress appetite, helps to stop food cravings, and burns fat steadily.

Will PhenRX burn muscle tissues?

No, this supplement will target stubborn fats and will not do any harm to the muscle tissues. It helps you to achieve the perfect shape naturally if you couple it along with a balanced diet and exercises.

Is there a refund option available for PhenRX?

NexGen Biolabs offers a 30-day money back guarantee offer. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the item within 30 days of the date of purchase. They will offer a full refund less the original shipping and handling charges.

Will PhenRX cause any allergic reactions?

This product contains stimulants and highly potent ingredients. It is generally safe for all and does not cause any allergic reactions. If you have a problem with caffeine intake then better, avoid using this supplement. Also, read the ingredients list to check whether you have allergies to any particular item.

Where to Buy PhenRX – Groupon codes/ discount codes

PhenRX is available only at the NexGen Biolabs’ official website. You cannot buy this product from online retail outlets or pharmaceutical outlets near you. There are coupon codes and discount codes available on the official website as well as the Groupon website. You can apply these codes while making a purchase.

Conclusion: Weight loss is no more a difficult task. It takes a hell a lot of courage to stick to a diet plan. Sometimes we feel like eating more or cheat while on diet. Now you can put a full stop to such issues by taking the PhenRX supplement. This supplement helps to curb appetite for 24 hours and burns fats almost easily. If you can couple this supplement along with a balanced diet (not so strict but moderate diet) and exercise then it will help to go a long way in achieving weight loss. Try this product to know the difference yourself.