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Now Foods – True Calm Amino Relaxer

True Calm Amino Relaxer Review

True Calm Amino Relaxer is a dietary supplement that is used to treat stress, irritative mood behavior or mental fatigue in people.

Now Foods True Calm Amino Relaxer is a supplement that is mainly used to treat irritative mood, anxiety or stress levels in people who are dealing with depression.

Stress is a factor in people’s lives which remains sadly ignored. Either you are one of them or you can see them around you. Some of the symptoms noticed are irritative mood, high anxiety level with heart palpitations, high blood pressure etc.

If you or someone in your family, friends are suffering from anxiety or irritative mood, here’s Now Foods – True Calm Amino Relaxer to calm their senses and level their anxiety. Now Foods – True Calm Amino Relaxer contains a blend of vitamins and herbs that are beneficial for your health.

Now Foods True Calm Amino Relaxer Ingredients

  • GABA – is actually produced in the brain. Currently it is used in anti-depressants. In Now Foods – True Calm Amino Relaxer, it helps in relieving anxiety, ADHD symptoms, improving your mood and balancing the high blood pressure in people.
  • Niacin – is actually a form of Vitamin B3. Often found in many foods such as fish, milk, beans and other cereal etc., Niacin is often used to treat dizziness, headache, memory loss, stabilizing the blood pressure etc.
  • Valerian – is actually a herb that is usually used to treat sleep disorders (insomnia or hypersomnia), fear, migraine etc. it is also used to treat mild tremors, ADHD, fatigue etc.
  • Vitamin B6 – often found in foods such as poultry, potatoes, fruits etc. Vitamin B6 helps in balancing the blood levels, forgetfulness, irritative mood, anxiety etc.

Now True Calm Amino Relaxer comes in capsule form and are made out of gelatin base and does not include soy, wheat or other additives or preservatives. The recommended dosage is one capsule 1 to 3 times a day on an empty stomach or before meals. You get around 90 capsules in a bottle of True Calm which should last you up to one month depending on the dosage. We do recommend consulting your physician before ingesting this medicine.

There have many reviews about Now Foods – True Calm Amino Relaxer and it is quite mixed. While some claim that this product really works wonders, others say that it is quite ‘OK” and it is better to go with other anti-depressants such as Relaxyn.

Now Foods L- Tryptophan Powder

L-Tryptophan produced by NOW foods is a dietary supplement consisting of the essential human nutrient amino acid (actually L-Tryptophan is a type of amino acid). Essential nutrient is a type of nutrient that is required by the human body for its normal functioning, but is not produced in the proper amount or not at all produced by the body.

So, the only option to get sufficient amount of it is through a dietary source. Amino acid is one such nutrient and is constituted out of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and oxygen. Amino acid regulates the formation of melatonin and serotonin. These hormones are very beneficial for health.

Melatonin plays a very vital role in keeping your immune system fit and healthy. A healthy immune system means a healthy you! Melatonin is also act as a very wonderful aid for sleeping and good sleep is very essential for your mental and physical well being. It also acts as an anti-aging supplement for your brain. Studies have proved that melatonin has anti-cancer benefits as well. Serotonin is a type of neurotransmitter that passes signals from one neuron to another. The presence of serotonin in your body makes your happy hormones work effectively and you feel relaxed and confident. It is also a very effective mood enhancer and helps in reducing anxiety, depression and stress. It also helps in getting better sleep and improving the functioning of brain and heart. It is also good for headaches and healthy skin.

Usage: Mood enhancer, helps in sound sleep and in relaxation

Now Foods L-Tryptophan Powder Ingredients

L-Tryptophan is a type of amino acid that is present naturally in the proteins found in animals and plants. Your body cannot produce this amino acid and thus need an outer source to supplement it. The other ingredient used in the preparation of this product is cellulose.

Now Foods L-Tryptophan is completely vegetarian product and is gluten free. It also does not contain sugar, starch, yeast or salt in its preparation.

How to use Now Foods L-Tryptophan

Everyday take ½ or ¼ level of teaspoons on an empty stomach 2 or 3 times (or as prescribed by your consultant). Shows best results when used at bedtime.


  • Not intended for pregnant and nursing ladies and children
  • Individuals who are already following a medical regimen or suffering from any particular disease should consult their doctor first before consuming this medicine.
  • It is meant for adults only.