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Natural Stacks Ciltep

Natural Stacks Ciltep Memory & Concentration Booster

Boost your memory, focus and concentration level with Ciltep by Natural Stacks.

Are you looking for some effective Nootropics? Then, you have landed on the right page! Ciltep is a natural nootropic for optimal mental performance. It’s scientifically proven effective to heighten your concentration, mood, and ability to get the things done. Thus, it is effectively used by wall street executives, top gamers, and scientists. Equally, it works by strengthening the connections between neurons and underlies synaptic plasticity, impacting memory and learning. Further, read on to know more about Natural stacks ciltep and its reviews…


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Natural Stacks Ciltep

Natural stacks ciltep is a healthy way to remain alert, focused and motivated for hours. It is made from premium, all natural components with no GMO’s, no gluten, no preservatives and artificial colors. The product works by naturally inducing Long-Term Potentiation. Since memories are encoded in the brain by creating LTP.

Benefits Of Natural Stacks Ciltep

How Do Natural Stacks Ciltep Work?

Natural stacks ciltep works by enhancing the cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). This, in turn, facilitates complex intracellular mechanism, eventually leading to improved synapse strength (LTP).

The cAMP Is Enhanced In Two Ways:

  • Inhibiting cAMP breakdown – This is done with PDE inhibitors. PDE4 is an enzyme, capable of breaking down the cAMP molecules. PDE is well known for significant nootropic effects including increased wakefulness, cognition, long-term memory, and neuroprotection. Inhibition of PDE4 blocks the breakdown of cAMP. Thereby enhancing the levels of cAMP within the brain cells.
  • Directly increasing the cAMP creation – The process is achieved with forskolin. This forskolin is an herbal extract derived from coleus forskohlii. Capable of raising the cellular cAMP levels.

Natural Stacks Ciltep Ingredients

Ingredient Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Artichoke Extract (Cynara scolymus) leaf (5% total caffeoylquinic acids)


900 mg *
L-Phenylalanine 500 mg *
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 750 mg *
Coleus Forskohlii (root) extract (Standarized for 20% forskolin – 4 mg) 20 mg *
Vitamin B6 5 mg 250%
  • Artichoke Extract – Artichoke Extract is a natural inhibitor of the enzyme PDE4. It contains Luteolin and is present in neurons where it breaks down CREB activating cAMP. This CREB activation is important for long-term learning and memory process.
  • L-Phenylalanine – This L-Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid present in most of the food items. Studies have proven that activation of CREB leads to the transcription of the enzyme Tyrosine hydroxylase. Thus, leading to an increased rate of dopamine metabolism. The L-Phenylalanine is a natural precursor to dopamine. It helps in the supply of the necessary amino acid fuel for the dopamine metabolism.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – This is an acetylated form of amino acid L-Carnitine. The L-Carnitine is present in most of the food items. Besides, it can be also synthesized in the liver.
  • Forskolin – Forskolin is obtained from the plant Coleus forskohlii and is beneficial in many Ayurvedic medicines. It has the ability to increase the cAMP levels in the cells.
  • Vitamin B6 – This is an essential enzymatic cofactor and an important vitamin. It is beneficial in producing the essential neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and GABA.

Natural Stacks Ciltep – Directions To Use

It is recommended to take 2-3 capsules immediately after walking on an empty stomach. But, remember not to take more than 3 capsules per day.

Natural Stacks Ciltep – Customer Reviews

Overall, there are 3.3 stars out of 5. With Natural stacks ciltep there are reports of increased motivation, mood improvements, and enhancement of stimulants. Most of them use this as an important pre and post workout supplement. It is a powerful blend of natural ingredients like Forskolin, Artichoke, ALCAR, Phenylalanine and vitamin B6. The product has worked for most of the users and they are happy with it. It can provide you the drive you need to crush every day. They are saying that it is a better choice than the noopept, alpha brain, and piracetam. But, still, there are both positive and negative reviews for this product.

Mentioned below are some user reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look at them. These honest reviews can surely help you in making a right choice towards this supplement.

Natural Stacks Ciltep – Positive Reviews

I would highly recommend this product

“It has a great focusing effect on me. I love this formula and am planning to buy more.”

“The 60 capsules are highly effective when compared to the other nootropics.”

“According to me, this is great. I am able to make a difference in my memory and critical thinking.”

It worked

“I have a mild ADD and never take any pharmaceuticals. I happened to read about this supplement through an article and later decided to give it a try. Above all, I am able to remember the little things that used to come slower. I felt a difference on 2 capsules a day.”

“Very satisfied! Got a clear, focused and determined mind. Love it…”

“Will definitely rate it with 5 stars.”

Natural Stacks Ciltep – Negative Reviews

“Not worth in my opinion as I am unable to make any difference.”

“I will just give 2 stars for this product.”

“I bought this bottle two months ago. Had the pills according to the dosage. But, it did nothing for me.”

“Well, it didn’t work with my brain chemistry.”

“No effect, planning to return the bottle.”

Where To Buy Natural Stacks Ciltep?

The product is available for sale online both at and at amazon. Besides, you may avail certain discount and reward offers on purchase from their site. Further, you may also visit the concerned website for more information.

Natural Stacks Ciltep – Discount, Coupon And Promo Offers

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Natural Stacks Ciltep – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contact number of Yes Wellness?

The contact number of Yes Wellness is 1-855-218-5088.

Can I get some details on the working hours and contact address of this website?

The working hours of Yes Wellness are from Monday – Friday (8 am to 4 pm (PST)).

The contact address is:

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In conclusion, Natural stacks ciltep is used by thousands of people around the world. It is an effective nootropic for increasing concentration, memory, motivation and mood. So, buy them today itself…