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Biotics Research Li-Zyme Forte For Anxiety

Li-zyme forte is a supplement that makes use of vegetable cultures to extract naturally occurring lithium. This tablet form supplement helps to promote mental health without harming the body due to its all-natural ingredients list.

If your antidepressant is not helping you or keeping you emotionally balanced then it is time for a change. Try Li-zyme Forte and it will do all the wonders. This product from Biotics Research keeps your mental health on an even level. Li-zyme is a plant-derived product and does not contain synthetic lithium, which poses many side effects.

What would you choose, synthetic lithium with side effects or plant derived lithium with no side effects? Still confused, read this article to get a clear picture.

Li-Zyme – Biotics Research Supplement

According to a review posted by a customer, it says, “This product is nothing like synthetic lithium that gives harmful effects to the body, but provides effective results without any side effects.”

According to biotic research “ li-zyme forte is a dietary supplement that promotes healthy moods and reduces anxiety issues without any major side effects.”

Li-Zyme forte dietary supplement for anxiety

Nowadays anxiety issues, depression, sadness, and mood swings have become commonly common. This is mainly due to stressors and lifestyles that we lead. Our body is naturally equipped to deal with stress and anxiety if both are in limits. However, some people go a little extreme and face difficulties in their daily life due to anxiety and mood swings. If you are one among them, then li-zyme forte can lend a helping hand towards you.

Biotics Research’s Li-Zyme Forte is one of the best supplements that encourage healthy mood while keeping the major side effects at bay.

Does this product work?

Li-Zyme forte is a supplement that makes use of vegetable cultures to extract naturally occurring lithium. This tablet form supplement helps to promote mental health without harming the body due to its all-natural ingredients list. Lithium is long known for its mental health promoting properties. Biotics research has made use of this concept wisely and brought to its customers a completely new organic supplement. This product works by reducing stress, anxiety and creating good moods with the help of organic lithium.

Is this product same as the prescription lithium drugs?

Actually many people have a confusion regarding this product. Some think that this product contains synthetic lithium that is found in conventional prescription drugs. Prescription drugs contain lithium carbonate and that is a different product. In this product, biotic research uses organic lithium extracted from plant cultures and purely plant-derived substance. The advantage is that the natural lithium is non-toxic for the body. The body shows more tolerance to natural lithium, unlike synthetic lithium, therefore minimal side effects.

Does this product interfere with other medications?

Lithium, in general, is taken with caution while using other medications. However, this product uses natural ingredients and there are fewer chances of negative interactions with other drugs according to the makers. To be on the safer side, have a word with your doctor before consuming any dietary supplement even though it is effective.

What is the recommended dosage of Li-Zyme forte?

Biotic research advises consuming one to three tablets each day for positive results. You can also follow the dosage directed by your health care specialist.

How many days will a bottle of Li-Zyme forte last?

The li-zyme forte bottle contains 100 tablets and according to the dosage, it will last for a one full month.
How soon can I expect positive results?

Well, there is no such general information provided by the makers of this product. From user reviews, it is clear that this product takes somewhere around a few days to a week to start showing positive results.

Why buy li-zyme forte?

Great user reviews are the highlight of this product

Effective and proven results

  • Been in the market for years and still the best selling supplement for anxiety issues
  • Developed by biotics research” the number one leader in making dietary and nutritional supplements
  • Safe and effective with minimal side effects unlike prescription drugs
  • Cheap and economical

Ingredients of li-zyme forte

Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Main ingredient – Lithium (extracted from Li-Zyme vegetable culture) – 150mcg

(Organically grown, biologically active vegetable culture that is a great source of Phytochemically Bound Lithium™ and phytochemicals)

This culture also includes polyphenolic compounds with SOD and catalase. Both these are dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve the potency of the associated enzyme factors.)

Other Ingredients: Stearic acid and magnesium stearate from vegetable source‚ food glaze‚ modified cellulose gum and cellulose.

Li-Zyme Forte Precautions and side effects

This product Li-Zyme Forte is a dietary supplement and not evaluated by FDA. This product intends to manage the specific indications or conditions mentioned by the manufacturer. It does not help to cure or treat any disease. For more information read the product label. Please consult with your health care specialist before starting any natural supplements or dietary supplements. If you are pregnant, nursing, or suffering from any serious medical condition, then follow an expert’s advice. Keep this product out of reach from children and store in a cool dry place.

Talking about side effects the makers have only mentioned that this product is unlikely to cause any side effects. Most of the user reviews also claim that there are no side effects. There are no side effects reported so far and it is considered safe for use.

Th the question whether Li-Zyme Forte causes weight gain, Li-Zyme Forte is a completely natural product and there are no reported instances where it has caused any weight gain for its users.

Where to buy

You can buy Li-Zyme forte from, which is the leading online retailer of dietary and nutritional supplements. If you are looking for discounts and offers then you can sign up for their official account and garner the best deals.

Customer reviews

Majority of the reviews point out that this product is effective and useful. While a few stated that, this product showed no results at all. All individuals are different and so is the body’s response to various supplements. However, according to the customer reviews, this product is one of the best selling supplement and been on the market for years. Had not this supplement was effective, it would not have stayed in the competition for so many years. This product is worth buying as it comes at an economical price.

“ I love this product as it helps me while my mood goes on/off. I quickly understand that I have not taken the li-zyme supplement. This product works with zero side effects.”

“ I do not like taking any prescription drugs for my mood swings and stress. I believe they are harmful to the body and mind. This natural supplement is a great pick for health conscious people.”


Li-Zyme forte from Biotics Research is one of the few supplements available in the markets that offer positive results. Both customers and the manufacturer of this product proudly recommend this product to others.