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Enerphos – Ingredients, Uses, Side Effects, Reviews

Enerphos Cortisol Support Supplement

Boost cortisol level naturally with Enerphos. These biomolecules can lower the cortisol level to bring balance to the brain health.

Enerphos capsules contain the phosphoserine in the mineral base that regulates the cortisol level in the body. Here the phosphate esters in the more purified form that has supreme efficacy and longevity in the body. Normally the body will have to process these esters to utilize but the Enerphos makes this process simpler.

These biomolecules are usually available from the diet. It provides the purer and easily usable form of these molecules that insulates the nerves. This way it is part of the healthy nervous system.

What is Neesby’s Enerphos Supplement?

The Neesby’s Endophos is a phosphatidyl serine supplement which is also called the phosphoserine, phosphatidylserine or phos-serine. These are all supplements used when the cortisol level is found to be high in the body.

Enerphos is the phosphate esters of the serine and ethanolamine that are present in the form of calcium magnesium salts. This results in providing the body with all of these nutrients in a more purified and controlled manner.

Both the ethanolamine and phosphoserine are active molecules in the body that are used for forming the phospholipids. The particular phospholipids are cephalins that are seen in the myelin which insulates the nerve endings.

Enerphos Uses – What is Enerphos used for?

The major part of the Enerphos is phosphatidyl serine that is part of the cell structure. It is mainly part of the brain cell structure and plays an important part in the brain cell integrity. It is also part of the myelin sheath of the nerves that maintains the nerves also.

This capsule can prevent the brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, age-related mental health, depression etc. It can lower cortisol levels and reduce the stress and depression.

Enerphos benefits

By lowering the cortisol, it helps in improving the focus, concentration, mood, and also reduction in stress. It also improves the neurotransmitters.

Enerphos ingredients

It contains the phosphatidyl serine as calcium magnesium salts. This provides the generous supply of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate along with the phosphatidyl serine and ethanolamine. These ingredients are precisely called, calcium magnesium ethanolamine phosphate, calcium magnesium phosphoserine and medium chain triglyceride oil.

  • Ethanolamine is more important for the cell integrity to form the phospholipids on the cell walls.
  • Phosphatidyl serine is an amino acid derivative mainly seen in brain cells. It reduces stress and improves the overall brain functions. It is taken from lecithin and is found to reduce the cortisol levels as well. Phosphatidyl serine benefits the sleep cycle and memory also.
  • Calcium, magnesium, and phosphate are some essential minerals that the body needs for a lot of activities and functions.

Enerphos dosage

Enerphos supplement is available in capsule form. The recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules per day. It should be taken between the meals. It also requires you to drink a plenty of water.

Enerphos capsules come in containers that have 50 capsules in it. Each bottle would last for about 25 days to 2 months approximately.

Enerphos Side effects

It is a relatively safer supplement than most others. The ingredients used here are in their purer and stabilized form that is less likely to cause any side effects.

There is no use of any kind of allergens such as gluten, corn, yeast, dairy, or soy. So it is safe to use by one and all. Yet, it calls for a doctor’s approval before you take it as it has a direct effect on the brain health and you wouldn’t want to jeopardize it in any way.


This is an adrenal support formula which is mix of essential nutrients for stress. Check for the seriphos uses to know more.

Enerphos Vs Seriphos

Both Enerphos and Seriphos contain the phosatidylserine in them that helps lower the cortisol levels. The difference is that the Enerphos has got the salt base to it that is more a purified form and that has better stability than Seriphos. Further, check on Seriphos side effects to know more.

There also have been a few negative effects of Seriphos in the past. It also does not contain the phosphate, calcium, and magnesium benefits.

Enerphos reviews

  • Geldreich has been using Enerphos as a replacement of Seriphos. It helped with insomnia and stomach discomforts that were with Seriphos.
  • Zoe uses Enerphos as the cure for insomnia. She takes 2 capsules before bed. Within a month of using, she has a stable sleep at night and manages to wake up refreshed and energetic than before.

If you check, you can see that the majority of users were using Enerphos to cure their insomnia. Cortisol level has got a lot to do with sleep deprivation and by lowering the cortisol level you are easily remedying sleep problems. Users say it may take a few weeks to really see the difference.


Enerphos come at a reasonable price and is widely available online. It can be bought from stores like Amazon and the likes. Though there are people who still prefer Seriphos over Enerphos, the latter is gaining popularity over the other, even if it has improved its formulation.