Staying happy around the clock is a near to impossible task, even for the happiest soul on earth. Being stressed is one thing but depression is a whole other phase. You know you have reached the stage of depression when you don’t find interest in anything that you do. If you don’t see a point in living. It is definitely not something that our loved ones want to happen to us and as soon as they find you in such a situation, they might persuade you to take medication. But before you rush and swallow one pill after the other, take a moment. Take a deep breath and do a little bit of self-introspection. You shouldn’t let others judge you but you must definitely judge yourself to understand where things went wrong. The main objective is to find that root cause or the major problem that is affecting you.

The problems that each person face will vary and sometimes people you care about wouldn’t understand your problems. Coming back after two hours to find your phone charger not switched on might break your heart but this might seem like a very silly problem to your grandpa who is trying hard to walk properly using a walking stick. The key to not let such everyday problems affect you more than what is required is to ask yourself one simple question- “Will this problem make me sad tomorrow? A month later? Next year? After a few years?” If the answer to any of the cases is no, then you might as well stop making a fuss about the problem straight away. You have just one life and you are wasting some precious moments by remaining grumpy for a reason that might not even matter to you after a few years.

Having gone through depression myself, I know how bad things can get. There was always only two types of feelings- either it is as if there is some sort of vacuum in the chest, like a void, or it is like someone is forcefully filling up my windpipe with rubber.

I felt suffocated in crowded areas and if I was alone in a room, I felt as though the walls were closing in on me. When my tears dried out and when even the idea of existing started to look difficult, I decided to do something about it. I tried telling my parents my problems but the fear that they might consider them to be silly added to the list (they tend to do that but can’t blame them because they know what is stupid in the long run). So, I decided to consult an online psychiatrist. The platform offered listeners and that was just what I needed. Someone real who can listen to everything without judging me and then help me out with a solution.

If those people, you want to listen to you, doesn’t give you the required attention, then find someone who does. Speaking everything out really lightens your head and you will be able to think clearly. It is just like clearing junk from your computer so that you can make space for more valuable information. The listener whom I opened up to suggested keeping a journal. By doing that you will constantly be able to clear your head without the help of another person. Just like choosing the wand in Harry Potter, I held every single type of notebook to find that perfect one I connected with. This was important as I was about to make a strong relation with that book. Even those who aren’t into writing with pen and paper can keep online journals. The next important thing that helped me come out of the depression was keeping myself busy. Old hobbies didn’t interest me, so I made a couple of new hobbies. By recording videos of me talking to myself, I was able to talk more comfortably with more people.

The major tendency that most people in severe depression have, is to try and commit suicide or start using harmful drugs. You should know that suicide and drugs are never a solution. It is just an escape route from your problems. If you can name at least one living entity (a person, a community or even your pet dog) who would be affected, if anything happens to you, then you shouldn’t even think of attempting those. If none of the medication- freeways help you then you should consider consulting with a qualified doctor and take appropriate medications (only in the prescribed dosage).

The saying- “Prevention is better than cure” applies here also. Every day will not be similar to the previous but that should only excite you because you won’t have a monotonous life. Take the ups in life humbly and approach the downs with your best weapon – hope. Only if you start looking at the full half of the glass, will you have the ability to use the available water to best use. You can’t always complain about the empty half of the glass. The key to happiness is taking baby steps. Finding happiness in little things is what that matters for the ultimate happiness. Every night when life asks you whether to save changes or discard, save only positive ones and look forward to a better tomorrow.