Dalinex For Herpes Treatment

Dalinex from Sisquoc Healthcare produces the most safest and effective personal healthcare product for herpes. This is a nutrient and herbal formulation. It reduces the frequency of herpes outbreaks, either oral or genital. It is a powerful blend of potent herbs and active supplements that will boost and strengthen the immune system.

Dalinex is a fast acting liquid formula to reduce the frequency and severity of herpes outbreaks such as cold sores on oral or genital areas. It is manufactured by Sisquoc Healthcare and is available online only. This is our review about Dalinex for oral and dermal health.

What is Sisquoc Healthcare Dalinex?

It is a well-formulated herbal and natural formula to reduce the symptoms of abrasions or lesions near the mouth or in genital areas that can be painful and equally embarrassing. As per manufacturer’s claims, the product boosts the body’s natural defense system. This natural herpes treatment solution also increases the energy levels thus resisting infection and prevents recurrence (to an extent).

What is it not? The product is not intended to cure herpes. There is no cure for herpes. This natural solution only helps you to manage the condition naturally and prevent regular flare-ups.

How does Sisquoc Healthcare Dalinex really work?

The easy-to-use liquid formula easily absorbs into the body. As a result, you can see rapid results. Stress reduction and well-balanced diet can benefit the body and enhance the immune system. However, the body always needs that extra zing to give the immune system a boost. It is also difficult for everyone to have a balanced diet and exercise all the time, especially in today’s busy lives. That’s where this product kicks in.

The ingredients boost the body’s ability to inhibit entry of infection causing agents. They also enhance the function of the immune system and ward off any infection that tries to attack the body cells.

Apart from regular dose of this product, it is necessary that you

  • Get good quality sleep
  • Eliminate any physical or emotional stress
  • Engage in any relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation
  • Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake

Research has it that many herbs, vitamins, and amino acids contain antiviral properties. The immune-boosting agents help in increasing the body’s resistance. As per the product website, Dalinex contains these holistic ingredients that can reduce the duration and severity of the herpes attack.

Dalinex ingredients include

  • St. John’s Wort – antiviral properties that will speed up the healing process during an outbreak
  • Pelargonium – or Geranium, it is used to treat many skin disorders. It has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties and when used as topical oil can prevent scarring or stretch marks.
  • L-Lysine – an amino acid that can curb the growth of herpes virus. It is also beneficial to inhibit outbreaks and reduce the span of flare-ups.
  • Lemon Balm (Melissa) – contains phytochemicals and tannins that have strong antiviral properties. Lemon Balm is famous for treating various skin conditions such as mumps, herpes etc.
  • Olive Leaf – contains Calcium Elonolate and Elenolic Acid that suppresses HS-1 and HS-2 viruses.
  • Echinacea – extract from this plant can enhance the immune system to fight herpes virus much more effectively.
  • Vitamin A – crucial vitamin that fights free radicals and boost the defensive mechanism of the body.
  • Licorice Extract – contains a compound called Glycyrrhizin that has anti-inflammatory features that alleviate any discomfort and swelling during an outbreak. Licorice also contains flavonoids that suppress the growth of herpes virus.

Interestingly, the manufacturer has not mentioned the exact dosage of each and every ingredient. There are also no clinical studies conducted either on Dalinex nor are there any supporting clinical studies conducted on ingredients. This makes it difficult for us to evaluate the manufacturer’s claim. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the Dalinex is a scam or fake product, just that we are unable to gauge the claim.

Dalinex contains immune boosting ingredients that are absent in other products such as Herdox. Echinacea is one such component. Licorice extract is another ingredient that can boost adrenal function which supports people to handle stress efficiently.

Dosage and Instructions

  • Unscrew the cap and fill the dropper with a full dose of this formula.
  • Place the dropper in your mouth and squeeze till empty.
  • Swallow the liquid.
  • You may also mix it with your water or favorite juice of your choice.
  • For best results, it is recommended to take this product once in the morning and once at night.


The website does not say that Dalinex is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Hence, it is always wise to consult the medical practitioner before consuming this product. There is no information whether this product is suitable for children.

For those with a sensitive stomach, DO NOT take this formula prior to eating. This is because the strong powerful effects of herbs might induce nauseating feeling if you are on empty stomach.

Dalinex side effects

The first thing that enters a person’s mind before buying a product is its side effect. But then there is no perfect product and Dalinex is no exception.

Surprisingly though there have been no side effects reported so far. The product seems safe to use and have benefited many users dealing with herpes.

Dalinex Reviews

User #145106 – “My partner is using Dalinex and so far we really like it. If you want to try, then I recommend you give it a try. My girlfriend swears by this product. With all the stress in her job and more outbreaks, she has virtually seen none recently.”

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Made using herbal and natural ingredients
  • Has the ability to minimize the frequency of herpes (be it oral or genital)
  • Available in liquid form that easily absorbs into the body
  • Fast results noticed post consumption
  • No wastage as seen in topical solution
  • Safe to use in the long-term
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • No clinical studies available

Where to buy Dalinex?

Dalinex is available online at various online websites such as Amazon. It is currently available over-the-counter or at stores such as Walmart, Target, CNS, GNC etc.

It is best recommended that you purchase Dalinex online from the official website. The company provides many exceptional deals and offers. Since the product needs to be used for more than a month (based on the severity), we always suggest buying more than 2 bottles. Apart from free shipping anywhere in the USA, Sisquoc Healthcare also gives away 1 FREE BOTTLE on this purchase. This should give you a 3-month supply of this herpes treatment formula (giving 1 month per bottle).

If you are buying 3 bottles, you will be eligible for 2 FREE BOTTLES OF DALINEX.

The company ships globally as well though you need to bear a small shipping charge. But that’s not all. The company offers a 60-day return policy. This gives you a great amount of time to check how the product works for you. It is a great relief for skeptic users who are hesitant to try a new product.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Dalinex is a genuine product that helps you to manage the conditions of herpes. The benefits are numerous and the price is economical. However, if you do think it is expensive, there are always discount coupon codes that will help you get good savings during purchase. There are many reviews available where people have discussed this product and its benefits. If you are looking for a natural remedy for treating herpes, then Dalinex is definitely recommended.