HFL CHEATMeals Weight Loss Pills

CHEATMeals is an all natural capsule containing organic herbs and digestive enzymes which help accelerate weight loss by blocking the absorption of sugars, carbohydrates, and fats, from the foods you eat.

CHEATMeals for Weight Loss & Weight Management

CHEATMeals is a dietary supplement that helps you CHEAT on your diet that would also help you with long-term weight management. It is not exactly fat loss pills but can have its effects by blocking the absorption of the fats, and carbohydrates from the diet. It has no direct effect on fat burning but is effective in managing the weight and keeping the weight off. It works wonders with other fat burning supplements. With CHEATMeals, you can easily cheat on your diet every now and then.

  • Table of Contents
  • About CHEATMeals
  • Benefits of CHEATMeals
  • CHEATMeals ingredients
  • Fat blocking and neutralizing formula
  • Carbohydrate blocking and neutralizing formula
  • Digestion-enhancing formula
  • Taking the CHEATMeals weight loss pills
  • Finding the right dose
  • CHEATMeals customer reviews
  • CHEATMeals Comparison
  • CHEATMeals on sale
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

About CHEATMeals Dietary Supplement

CHEATMeals is a dietary supplement that works on 3 major aspects of weight gain or weight loss. It blocks the absorption of the weight gaining molecules like fats and carbohydrates on one hand and improves the digestion to increase the nutrient absorption on the other.

A healthy digestive system with less absorption of the notorious food molecules is one way of managing the weight. CHEATMeals is not an instant weight loss pill but can help you put off the weight with the help of a proper diet, without going on crash diets.

Benefits of 4 HFL CHEATMeals Pills

  • CHEATMeals pills will help to block the absorption of fats, sugars, and carbohydrates from the food.
  • It improves the digestion that avoids bloating, gas or acid reflux that is common with the dieters.
  • It improves the colon health and regularizes the bowel movements.
  • It can support the healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • CHEATMeals aid in the slow process of healthy weight loss or in weight management.

CHEATMeals ingredients

The ingredients in CHEATMeals are categorized into 3- fat blocking and neutralizing formula, carbohydrate blocking and neutralizing formula and digestion enhancing formula. Each of these categories contains herbal extracts that have this specific ability to block the absorption of the relevant food molecules. The final category includes natural digestive enzymes that improve the digestion and keep the colon healthy.

Fat blocking and neutralizing formula

  • Chitosan is found in the shells of crabs, shrimp, and lobsters. The compound is able to block the fat absorption from the diet. It does not work for a high-fat diet. It can be effective only with a low-fat and balanced diet.
  • Cassia Nomame is the next fat blocker added in CHEATMeals. It has the additional ability to boost the metabolism to be the better counterpart for the weight loss.
  • Nopal contains a higher amount of fiber in it. It can regulate the appetite and help in the excretion of fat from the body. It would also pull out fluid from the body thus preventing water retention.

Carbohydrate blocking and neutralizing formula

White kidney bean extract can block the absorption of carbohydrates from a high-carb diet. The extract contains certain compounds that can inhibit the amylase enzyme that breaks down the carbohydrates. The body will be unable to absorb these unbroken molecules.

Hydroxycitric acid from Garcinia has the ability to inhibit the action of the enzyme named ATP-citrate lyase that converts the carbohydrates into fat. This prevents further buildup of the fat and cholesterol in the body helping with weight management.

Glucomannan is a soluble dietary fiber that makes the body feel satiated. Furthermore, it can control the appetite and slows down the absorption of food.

Digestion-enhancing formula

  • Pepsin is the enzyme that breaks down the protein molecules from the food.
  • Protease digests the peptides or broken pieces of protein from the diet or that is done by pepsin.
  • Amylase is the starch-digesting enzyme that breaks it into smaller forms of carbohydrates.
  • Cellulase is added for the complete digestion of the plant fibers from the vegetables and fruits in the diet. People who are on diet to lose weight will be taking more of the raw vegetables and fruits. The cellulose enzyme will help them digest it completely.

Taking the CHEATMeals weight loss pills

CHEATMeals dietary supplement should be taken 15-30 minutes before the meals. Take the pills prior to the main meals of the day.

Take 2-3 pills before a high-calorie diet with fat and carbohydrates to cheat on the diet. On regular use take on pill each before the 3 meals of the day. Drink plenty of water, at least 2 cups of water, with the pills. The maximum limit of the pills is 6 per day.

Finding the right dose

It would be ideal to start with the lowest dose of 1 pill per day for the first few days to see how the body is reacting to it. Once you are sure that the body is taking it well, increase the dose to 2 pills a day, and then gradually increase it t 3 pills a day.

If the 3 pills a day formula is not working enough for you try additional pill with the largest meal of the day. This way, you may have a maximum of 2 pills with each of the meal to reach the maximum limit of 6 pills a day.
More than this number is not healthy.

Do remember that taking CHEATMeals pills alone will not do you any good. It needs to be supported with a healthy, low-fat, low-carb diet with regular exercises to see the weight going down. The least you can do is to take less of fat and carbohydrates than you usually take.

HFL CHEATMeals customer reviews

People are happy about the CHEATMeals pills as it causes no side effects and is easy to use every day without having to take OFF days. It has helped people lose weight, gain very less under circumstances, or have helped them maintain a steady weight without having to crash themselves.

What all of them agree is that the pills do not work alone. It needs a proper diet and physical efforts to have it worked for you. The best thing is that you can pop in 304 pills before a heavy meal so that you would NEVER have to compromise on family gatherings or parties out with friends.

  • “I have lost 9 pounds in 11 weeks plus 33 points less on cholesterol level. All of these have happened without much effort on my part. Thank you CHEATMeals!”
  • “I am not sure what worked best, the higher dose or the fat-carb blockers. Either way, I have lost weight, finally! I am very happy with the product. It’s a great price as well.”
  • “The carb/fat blocker has worked for me. I am too lazy to eat right or workout and I have managed to get my weight to plateau. CHEATMeals is for those who really want to cheat on diet and exercise.”
  • “I took CHEATMeals for my sensitive stomach. BY the second month I have had not any problem with the IBS. IT is gentle on the stomach and works right from the first dose.”
  • “After 2 months, my stomach is flat, my bowels are regular, no side effects and I have also lost 5 pounds. What more do I say? Great going!”

CHEATMeals Comparison

When compared with other fat and carbohydrate blocking supplements and weight loss products in the market, CHEATMeal has a huge edge over them. Except for 2 products like Cheaters and Cheat Tabs, they are either fat blocking or carbohydrate blocking supplement.

Blood sugar balancing is a rare feature in these kinds of supplements and CHEATMeals take full advantage of it. The presence of digestive enzymes for the proper digestion and prevention of digestive related issues are a major plus point. Control over the blood cholesterol is another highlight of CHEATMeal, a feat that is very rare among such dietary supplements. Only the Cheater supplement has this feature.

Moreover, CHEATMeals is made using all natural products to have no side effects and have full of positive effects in the body.

CHEATMeals on sale

When you need to buy CHETMeals, go to the 4HFL.com and check out the various offers. This is the only place where you can buy this product from. You might even get a free bottle for trial. The other offers are 1 bottle, auto-ship program and but 2 get 1 offer for the long-term users. One bottle of CHEATMeals supplement costs you $50 and a cheaper rate for the other offers. Look out for the coupon codes as well. There are many floating online.


What are the precautions to be taken while having other supplements?

When your diet contains only protein and fiber, DO NOT take CHEATMeals pills before or after that. You don’t need these pills.

If you are taking any fat-soluble vitamins, take it 3 hours before or after the CHEATMeals pills. They action can block the absorption of these vitamins.

What is the upper limit of the dosage for CHEATMeals?

There is no real upper limit or the lower limit for that matter. No 2 persons eat the same or their bodies treat the food same. Dosage is completely dependent upon the person and their kind of diet. There are people who need just 1 pill per meal and there are others who are taking 4 pills with each meal. Both works and you need to find the right dosage for yourself. The key is, the more you eat, the more you need the pills. It’s directly proportionate.

Does CHEATMeals guarantee complete fat or carbohydrate blockage?

No, CHEATMeals can block the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, only to an extent. It can work for about 30-40% of the total in the diet. This is the reason why you need to keep track of the diet you eat. This is also why you need to do physical efforts to have fat burning. CHEATMeals just set the stage for weight loss.

If there is an amylase blocker why is amylase added as the enzyme?

The amylase blocker does not block all of these enzymes. The body would still have some amount of carbohydrates to digest and that needs the assistance of the amylase enzyme to relieve you of any digestive issues like heartburn, constipation, gas, bloating etc. CHEATMeals would only reduce the number of carbohydrates that is absorbed by the body.

If I have to still control the diet and do my workouts why do I need CHEATMeals?

If you have managed to lose weight with just these, you never needed CHEATMeals. It would come into the picture only because you couldn’t control the diet all the time. CHEATMeals supplements let you cheat on the diet without worrying about the extra calories.


Do the right thing, by adding CHEATMeals in the diet so that you can still have control over the diet; at the same time have a free hand on it. CHEATMeals has proven to be safe and successful. You really need to try it before you judge it.