– Raw Camel milk

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From my childhood, I have heard many things about Camel milk. So, I was looking for some Camel products on my Dubai trip and that’s where I met with a Camel farm company named Desert Farms. They distribute Camel milk to almost all the locations and it can be ordered online also. However, I was dying to have this milk in Dubai. So, I purchased the raw Camel milk and it had a logo in it mentioning that “Everyday should be hump day”. Seems interesting!

Well, I liked this humor very much. But, it took a few hours to defrost because it was frozen. Rest everything was ok… It was tastier and healthier than the cow’s milk with a rich, creamy taste like skim milk. Another interesting thing is that it won’t expire soon like the cow’s milk and hence can last for a longer period.

About Camel Milk From Desert Farms

This Desert Farm Camel Milk is almost similar to the Cow’s milk. But it is slightly different with a light, sweet, fresh taste. It is produced in a very traditional method in small batches, which could provide you a feeling of well-being after drinking it. According to many studies done, the milk is highly beneficial to the diabetic patients, mainly due to the insulin like small molecule contents present in it. Equally, acts as an anti-inflammatory and calms the inflammation (caused by the immune system dysfunction).

Features of Camel Milk From Desert Farms

  • This Desert Farm Camel Milk contains no added hormones.
  • Equally, the Camels supplying the milk are grass fed.
  • Non-homogenized in nature.
  • Known for its freshness.

Camel Milk From Desert Farms benefits

  • The Desert Farms Camel milk includes a high level of GABA. This GABA is an amino acid found in the central nervous system. It is mainly required for the proper functioning of the brain.
  • Equally, there are more than 200 different proteins seen in this Camel milk.
  • It is 50% lower in fat and saturated fat content when compared to the Cow’s milk.
  • Lower in cholesterol than Cow’s and Goat’s milk.
  • Includes low lactose content than the Cow’s milk.
  • The milk is a great source of Calcium and Vitamin B1.
  • Besides, it does not involve any bad manufacturing practices, whose unsafe processes can make the people sick.
  • All in all, they harvest the first milk of the day and bottle it on-site to be shipped rapidly to the customers.

Camel Milk From Desert Farms ingredients

Well, the nutrition stuff of this milk is pretty cool. It contains a half amount of saturated fat of cow milk. Other elements like Calcium, Vitamin B1, Phosphorus, and Potassium is also contained in this single serving. Above all, this Desert Farm Camel milk is prebiotic in nature. It means that it feeds the good bacteria in your gut for healthy digestion and absorption of the foods.

Storage and care of Camel Milk From Desert Farms

This Camel Milk should be refrigerated below 40 degrees Fahrenheit before and after opening the bottle. Equally, you can store this milk for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator or can freeze it up to 6 months in the freezer. But, once defrosted it is good to consume the milk within 3 to 5 days.

Glass to Glass milk comparison

This chart shows some comparison of 8 ounces of whole milk from Goats, Cows, and Camels

Ingredients Cow’s milk Goat’s milk Camel’s milk
Calories 150 140 110
Total fat 8 g 7 g 4.5 g
Saturated fat 5 g 4 g 3 g
Cholesterol 30 milligrams 25 milligrams 15 milligrams
Protein 8 g 8 g 5 g
Calcium 30% of daily value 30% of daily value 30% of daily value
Vitamin A 4% 6% 4%
Vitamin D 25% 25% 6%

When is the best time for drinking this Camel Milk From Desert Farms?

  • Well, there’s no specific time mentioned, you can have them whenever you feel like drinking it. Before, during or after meals or evening snacks.
  • You can drink it in the morning hours for energy with tea or coffee.
  • Throughout the day for sustained energy levels.
  • 1 hours before working to build stamina.
  • With or without meals for controlling your appetite.
  • In the evening timings, as a low-calorie dessert replacement.
  • Immediately after a strenuous workout for recovery and replenishment.

Is Camel Milk From Desert Farms safe?

Yes, Camel Milk is absolutely safe to drink as it is free of components like wheat, wheat gluten, oats, rye, barley, and malt. But, people with allergic conditions should seek a medical permission before having this food.

Some of the Desert Farms Camel Milk products available online

  • Raw Camel Milk – The taste of this milk is slightly sweet and creamy.
  • Raw Camel Milk Colostrum – Usually, this colostrum is collected from the Camel during her first milking (within 24 hours after birth).
  • Soaps and creams are also available, made from Camel Milk.
  • Raw Camel Milk Kefir – This milk is fermented using traditional Kefir.

Camel Milk From Desert Farms reviews

This Camel Milk is one of the rich sources of protein content. It is almost similar to the cow’s milk, but there is a slight variation in its color and texture. Besides, it contains less amount of fat content and lactose in comparison to the cow’s milk. The milk is highly beneficial for severe conditions like autism as it highly improves the behavioral and cognitive functions in them. Most of the users are saying that it’s a great food for people who are interested in their health and wish to keep themselves disease-free. Further mentioned below are few user reviews for this Desert Farms Camel Milk. Just have a look at some…

  • Janet W says “This Camel Milk is really amazing. My kids love it very much as they have Autism. I hope that its medicinal properties would make them good. Above all, feeling glad that is organic in nature. These days I am using the milk for baking also.”
  • Sobia Jane says “I am extremely happy to have this milk directly from desert farms. It helped me sleep better and has done wonders on my body. Seriously I was never expecting this much.”
  • Josephine Jones “All I would say that, if you can afford this milk, incorporate it into your day to day life. It is amazing!
  • Tom Jenkin says “I am extremely happy to bring this milk from Desert Farms. It is well packed, slightly different from the cow’s milk. But it is a rich source of vitamins and proteins.”
  • Alexandra says “Really we are pleased with the quality of this milk. My son is happy drinking this Desert Farms Milk.”

Where to buy this Camel Milk From Desert Farms? – Camel Milk From Desert Farms for sale.

Well, you need not go to places like Dubai or California for drinking this milk. These days it is available online. However, you can easily buy them from the product’s website at Besides, you could check with some of their products on Amazon also. It is available at an affordable price with many discounts and promo offers. Further, visit these websites for more information on Desert Farms and other important details…

Camel Milk From Desert Farms – Frequently asked questions?

Hi, I am very addicted to coffee, whatever I drink I add coffee to them. So, can I take this Camel Milk with coffee?

Yes, you can as it won’t cause any lumps or separate into curd. But, be sure that you steam it before you drink on adding coffee.

Is the product vegan?

No, this Desert Farms Camel Milk is an animal product.

How much Desert Farms milk can I consume in a day?

There are no limitations for this milk. You can drink as much as you can as it is not a drug or medication.

Can this milk serve a replacement for breast milk or infant formula?

Well, it’s hard to answer. It would be good that you seek a medical permission before giving them to the infants.


In conclusion, this Desert Farms Camel Milk is simply delicious and it is thinner in consistency due to the low-fat content. It comes in different forms to accommodate all your needs. So, try them at the earliest. All you need is to log into their website and book the order in advance. It really pairs well with your dinner and dark chocolates…