The Ayurveda Experience Marma Tool
Marma Tool is a wonderful tool that when used properly can help the body produce neuro-chemicals, hormones, and other necessary compounds to maintain the smooth functioning of the whole body.

The Marma Tool is a part of the Kansa massaging tools. The Marma Tool is the smallest of those tools. Marma Tool is small and has a t-shaped wooden handle for better grip. You can use this tool to massage on the marma or energy centers of the body. These Marma points are in the different parts of the body.

The Marma Tool activates the energy centers that lead to electromagnetic changes inside the body to improve health. The results it can bring out are amazing that you can feel the instant energy change in every part of the body you are massaging it with Marma Tool.

The Ayurveda Experience Marma Tool ingredients, Benefits & Uses

What is The Ayurveda Experience Marma Tool?

Marma Tool is a T shaped structure with a wooden handle on one end and a metallic dome at the other end. The handle of the tool is wooden and shaped T. The T shape help with better grip and the end is placed conveniently placed inside the palm that allows you exert the right amount of pressure.

The other end of the tool has the metallic dome. The metal used here is bronze or Kansya. This is an alloy of copper, tin and zinc is a particular mixture. The benefits of these benefits make the necessary changes inside the body to improve health.

Kansa Marma Tool metals

  • Copper – can reduce pain and inflammations
  • Tin – relieves a headache and induce sleep
  • Zinc – Good for digestion and immune system

Marma Tools Benefits

  • Massaging with The Ayurveda Experience Marma tool allows the Kansa or the bronze to do its healing work.
  • Massaging with Marma Tool activates the energy centers in the body. It is also helping by improving the pH balance, reducing inflammations and drawing out the toxins out of the body.
  • Marma Tool works on the electromagnetic system of the body to bring these changes
  • It boosts the natural bio-electric system of the body and revitalizes it.
  • Marma Tool is a safe tool to use by anyone with a pacemaker
  • It improves energy, blood circulation, provides better strength and improves the overall vitality.
  • The smaller size makes it easier to activate the minute centers of energy in the body
  • It basically unlocks the energy and works like reflexology

The Ayurveda Experience Marma Tool Usage Instructions

Marma Tool can be used as a standalone tool for health improvement or as part of the Kansa Massage therapy. Either way, The Ayurveda Experience Marma Tool is used to activate the marma points.

Hold the Marma Tool such that your palm is resting on the handle part of the tool. This provides a greater hold on the tool and you can use the dome-shaped end of the tool to massage on the face, neck, hands, legs, thighs, feet etc.

Marma Tool is not the usual massaging too. It is used only with a mild pressure and also on the key points of the body. With a gentle pressure, press the Marma Tool on those pressure points to unlock the energy.

Applying a little oil before the massage can help with the gliding movements.

When using as part of the Massage Therapy, use it at the end to get best results.

You can use the Marma Tool on a clean body preferably after the bath and before bed.

Marma Tool Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

There are No risks, no side effects and no adverse reactions of using The Ayurveda Experience Marma Tool. In fact, it is safer than any other chemical or electrical beauty enhancement treatment available currently in the market.

The only thing to note that, the metal can affect the pH level of the body. It can remove acidity from the skin cells and out of the system. While the acidity comes out and comes in contact with the metal of the Marma Tool, it could cause the oil on the skin turning dark. This is harmless and does not cause any reaction on the skin.

It is only an indication that the massaging is working and that the acidity of the body is being expelled.

It causes no radiation, chemical activity or any other harmful reactions on the body.

Marma Tool Reviews & Complaints

The Ayurveda Experience Marma Tool reviews show that it is a highly relaxing tool that improves the energy and reduces the fine lines and wrinkle son the body. Pele often uses it with the massage oils for better results.

The reviews also reveal that this tool is liked by one and all, regardless of their age. It is more popular among the elders who are trying to be and feel younger. It is also a success with their efforts.

The Marma Tool is a great support for those suffering from pain. The smaller size helped them reach those small centers and get instant results as well.

There are no complaints about this tool and is liked by everyone.

Marma Tool Testimonials

  • Elizabeth- “I use it on my face every day, before bed. I use the massage oil and my skin looks beautiful for a 61-year old. It reduced the fine lines some occasional small spots as well.”
  • Monique- “I am very much pleased with the Kansa Tools. The Marma Tool is very effective that has transformed my skin to firmer and smoother. I look more rested and younger than before.”
  • Cheryl- “The Marma Tool makes me calmer. The dark spots on my skin had faded and my skin looks brighter. I use Kumkumadi oil with this tool. It makes me feel younger.”
  • Mari-“I am an aesthetician. Using it on lip wrinkles and under the eyes gives wonderful results. It is also effective for the triggering points for sinus and eye strain.”

Marma Tool Results

  • You can feel the boy relaxing
  • It calms the nervous system
  • Boosts detoxification process
  • Eases muscle tension
  • Can make the body into resting period and cure insomnia

Where to Buy Marma Tool

You can buy Marma Tool from The Ayurveda Experience or from the Ayurvedic Institute. You could also get it from a few other online stores as well. There is a price difference in these stores.

You can get the Marma Tool as a single product or it comes as part of the Kansa Massage Tools.

Marma Tool in Amazon: Marma Tool is listed in the Amazon but it shows that this product is currently unavailable.the Kansa Toolset is still available on Amazon.

Marma Tool Price

The single pice Marma Tool costs $30. You can find that the Marma Tool price is lower at other stores. The price can be as low as $20. So keep searching until you find the right deal.

The Kansa Tool set costs $133.99-175.

Marma Tool Discount, Coupon Codes And Promos

You can apply The Ayurveda Experience coupon codes to get discounts on Marma Tool or the Kansa Tool set.

Marma Tool FAQs

Is Marma Tool safe?

Yes, Marma Tool is very safe for all to use. It can make the elder ones fell younger and keep the younger people healthier. It produces no radiation or chemicals on the skin to cause any kind of harm. It only works with the electrical energy of the body to bring out the best. You can use it as it is or with any compatible oils for facial massages.

How does Marma Tool work?

Marma Tool activates the energy points of the body. The regular electronic gadgets can make changes in this electrical energy of the body causing various problems in the kapha, vata and pitta of the body. The Marma Tool can reverse such changes and eliminate the problems.

Can I get Marma Tool in Costco?

No, Marma Tool is an online-only product that you cannot find it in Costco or in any other retail or wholesale shops.

Why am I not able to find Marma Tool in WalMart online store?

Marma Tool is sold only through a few selected online stores. WalMart is not one of those stores.


It would be easier for you to try out the Kansa Course that is available at The Ayurveda Experience to know how exactly you can use it and what are the benefits of this Marma Tool.